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Jackson Place Neighborhood Clean-Up – SAT. JAN 7th!!

Start off the New Year with a clean slate… and clean neighborhood!!

Join the Jackson Place Community Council for their annual winter neighborhood clean-up. 
Saturday, January 7th from 10am – 1pm
Meet up outside of Cafe Weekend. Trash bags, grabbers and gloves will be available.

This is a great chance to meet your neighborhoods and do something positive for the community. See you there!! 

4 thoughts on “Jackson Place Neighborhood Clean-Up – SAT. JAN 7th!!

  1. Thanks for organizing this Alex and Margo.

    CD News editors, can you switch this site to non-anonymous posting? Trolls like Grumbo would never bitch and moan like this if they used their real names.

  2. The only real tool for non-anonymous comments is to go to a Facebook-based system, which I personally do not like. Even still, people can make fake Facebook accounts if they still want to be anonymous.

    Basic rules: Don’t be racist, no personal attacks, stay on-topic. We do moderate to try to encourage a productive and welcoming conversation.

  3. Well Ryan, I do believe I have seen your posts as an anonymous character as well. As it happens I spend more time cleaning up this dump than just about anyone else. The reason for my post is to call attention to actual problems that so many people want to ingnor. We have a multicultural society with an overly enthusiastice uber tolerance bent. My point is we don’t have to tolerate littering, feeding the rats, theft, scoundralism, drug dealing, prostitution, etc. Organizations like ‘the recycling depot’ profit from and encourage the theft, littering, and drug culture going on in our neighborhood. You know well what a mess the food bank patrons create. If you don’t know these things then your not really engaged in our neighborhood. I get that you want to live in a 100% self induced happy bubble and not let anyone interupt your snooze. I get that you contribute in 100 positive ways – thanks. But ignoring the negative elements in society is allowing them to multipy. Intolerance has a place and we need more of it.