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Sirens and dogs chasing burglar – South CD, Hiawatha and Dearborn?

There were multiple police cars and a K9 unit scouring our neighborhood around 11:30pm last night. Word was they were searching for a burglary suspect on the run. Any news on what happened?

Also – out of curiosity – the police kept firing their sirens in short little blips even though they were parked at our intersection or circling the block. Does anyone know why they do that?

2 thoughts on “Sirens and dogs chasing burglar – South CD, Hiawatha and Dearborn?

  1. From what an officer told me someone held up Parnell’s Mini Mart on 23rd. It also sounded as if they were able to apprehend the individual(s) involved.

  2. The police cars at the intersectios have a containment zone set up. The ideal situation is for the fugitive to stop and hide. Then the dog can find him.

    They blip the sirens so the suspect will know they are there. So – he will not run into them until they are ready. When he hears the siren blip he stops and hides or looks for a new direction. All the while the dogs and helocopters are bearing down on him.