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Shots fired at 948 27th Ave

At just before midnight, I heard five shots, then seven shots, then a few more as I called 911 fired around 27th and Spring.  I didn’t hear any cars leaving the area.

Listening to the SPD scanner, it sounds like there was some incidents that might have also involved shots at 35th and Pike.

The occupants at 948 27th Ave indicated that two men ran away from the house after the shots were fired.  One woman was grazed by a bullet and an 80 year old woman at the same residence was injured when she fell when the shots were fired.

There was a request for the gang unit to respond.

21 thoughts on “Shots fired at 948 27th Ave

  1. The neighborhood it not getting worse. It’s certainly better than 20 years ago!

    Also, for us over around 27th and Spring, it’s the same houses. I wonder what would happen if I went up and said, hey, you’ve been shot at three times in as many months. How can we help? Why does this keep happening.

    Last, the shots sounded like they all came from the same gun. It did not sound like return fire.

  2. What does it matter?

    How can help? We can help you move to prison. Let’s get granny and her ugly kids out of that house. Have it condemned. Have them condemned. Buldoze it and every other house that has more than one shooding.

  3. It has gotten worse in the last few years. All these shootings at the house on the corner. It has been shot at more than four times in the last six months. Before that I rarely heard gun shots. Let us not get on them fightoutside all times of night. Makes no sense I would like to have them removed but what do you to get that ball rolling. My kids had to sleep in my bed last night.

  4. I looked around and found the city nuisance ordinance. So Chief Diaz, I would respectively request that you prepare a letter…


    SMC 10.09.030 Declaration of Chronic Nuisance Property and

    A. The Chief of Police may declare that a property is a chronic nuisance property, as defined in this chapter, when there are specific facts and circumstances documenting (1) the occurrence of three or more nuisance activities on a property within sixty days or seven or more nuisance activities within a twelve month period, or (2) activity on a property as described in SMC 10.09.010(4)(b). The Chief of Police shall provide written notice of this declaration to the persons in charge of the property. The notice shall be sent by first class mail or personally served, and a copy shall be sent by certified mail.

  5. OK, but then so what?

    Following the trail of the ordinances, it stops at this:

    SMC 10.09.060 Commencement of Action — Enforcement.
    Upon referral pursuant to SMC 10.09.030, the City Attorney may initiate an action in any court of competent jurisdiction to abate a chronic nuisance property, to impose penalties pursuant to this chapter, to seek alternative remedies under city or state laws and seek any other relief authorized by law.

    What’s the “relief”? Can they take possession like a drug house?

  6. The “relief” is that they fine the owner of the property everytime there is a disturbance call after it had been declared a nuisance house. We had to do it to a party house in my neighborhood and the owner finally kicked out the tenants. Not sure it would work in this situation, but you may want to try.

  7. I mean I dont live on that block butt it seems top me that if everyone over there sees all of these illegal activities that someone would see theses shooters or have some kind of description for the authorities. As I’ve read there home is the one getting shot up. Well I thought the bad guts did the shooting?

  8. The best way to go about this would be to sound an alarm – like an old air raid siren – when shots ring out. Then, all the posse swarms out into the street and apprehends the little gansters. Our posse sirens would go off in the whole CD. 2000 armed citizens with posse badges swarm out. That’s how we stop all this hooligan stuff. If we don’t ketch em strait off then we march up to the “victims” and get the info from them and give em a hand getting out of town before they get attacked again. We need to help these people correct their situation and move along.

  9. I am seeing the use of this community website to organize vigilante style operations. Do you live in that area? If so, why don’t you take it offline and work together IN PERSON. If not, I’d say you are inciting people to mob action that I doubt will have any outcome other than escalation of violence and a very dangerous situation for the people who do live there.

  10. .
    I agree with ktkeller that what is being said here is dangerous.
    One thing to keep in mind is that one person can send any number of messages using different names. This obviously happens, mostly not to be deceptive as it is often readily and deliberately apparent, for example Grumbo Big G etc. This is not always the case. My guess is that most, maybe all, of the incendiary talk is coming from a very few people, maybe even just one person. The gentle name for this is troll. In this case I think provocateur is more accurate.
    What is the motivation? No way to know for sure. I have a few guesses. In any case, if even one person is influenced by this, the result is that our neighborhood is less safe in indeterminate multiple ways. Dangerous indeed.

  11. The neighborhood is dangerous today. My points here are that we must actually use our sense of judgment to identify the bad apples and evict them from the neighborhood.

    You can’t make peace with armed gangsters. People who harbor them are an equal danger to our neighborhood.

    Being nice is great. People who need and accept help deserve our kindness. Dedicated murdurous criminals and their abetors deserve our judgement and the full force of our opposition.

    Peacnik weaklings, pathetic politics, and a dimini police department have failed to address the violence that chokes the development of this neighborhood and the kids growing up in it. It is time for a different tone towards the criminals. They are at war. The extent of their war will be bounded only by the lines we draw in this community on this discussion.

    You read way too much into this. I wrote in as Big G because for some reason I could not log in as myself during my flight yesterday. I made it very obvious – no intention to appear as other than myself. Every year there will be more and more that agree with me. We will take over and clean up the CD.

  12. I am not ‘nice’ and Grumbo you have NO idea where I have lived and what I have dealt with. Thing is the people right there need to get together and figure it out.

    And maybe umm talk to the person who owns the house?

  13. Hey Keller.
    I actually generally support you points and appreciate the discussion. My Grumbo side is real but unbalanced in the online environment. I’m fine with that. I believe we need a provocature to keep everybody from slipping into their disengaged lethargy. We can solve (reduce) the problems this hood expeeriences. There is a pendulum swinging. It does need to swing in my direction. We need at least a militant dedication if not the actual militancy that I bs about.

  14. And FYI, when I have time I actually do patrol the hood. You could call it going for a walk. But, I do it after my walk. I do a foot patrol much like guard would do. Basically piss in the corners of my turf. I say high to the drug heads behind the ball diamond in Judkins Park. They don’t like my dog and keep their distance. They don’t like me being there. I hang around uncofortably long. Most often they disperse. If not I leave on my schedule, not their’s. If more of us took this simple step a few days a week each, they would be out of business. I have eliminated daily crime within a three block radius. With help I could kick it ten blocks out. Confrontatino and violence is not needed. Presence and consistency is all that is really needed.

  15. .
    things Grumbo said yesterday:
    Every year there will be more and more that agree with me. We will take over and clean up the CD.
    when my people are done driving out the rats
    More bloated macho talk that attempts to conjure up a confrontational atmosphere in our neighborhood. Threats, even empty rants of one person as I am inclined to think these are, make our neighborhood less safe.
    This behavior is unwelcome and, in my opinion, perverse, to put it euphemistically.
    I am going to say this again.
    Back off.

  16. I think that it’s quite sad that some of the defenders of this home seem to be intimating that to be affordable for people who are considered to be poor a neighborhood has to be absolutely completely and utterly undesirable and to make it completely and utterly undesirable it has to be dangerous…. Just because people don’t have a lot of money shouldn’t mean that they should be forced to tolerate crime. As a society we should have some minimum standards for even the least well off among us. Maybe the living spaces in the cheapest of neighborhoods won’t be large or luxurious or in the prettiest or best serviced areas of the city, but people of all walks of life should be able to at least expect to be able to live without fearing to walk down the street.

  17. That commentary from some crank that repaetedly yells “back off.”

    Or what?

    And perverse? You think it is abnormal to react strongly to consistent gun battles on the streets? What is perverse is the hoops you try to lead people through to shift identification of the problem from 1) gangs known to promote violence, and 2) specific individuals who are known violent criminals – to some guy on the internet that you label as “perverse”.

    For some reason 98122 deliberately shifts the argument from actual problems to his psychotic dual with imagined racism. I’m talking about murderers and supporters of murderers. Nothing more.

    What are you trying to hide?

  18. What they believe is that there is a set of racial and cultural differences. They believe that blacks are inherently violent and that efforts to deal with violence are racist. They don’t judge this violence as good or bad, just reflective of the different types of people that we should embrace and tolerate.