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Jackson Place Neighborhood Clean-Up SUCCESS!!!

Big shout out to the wonderful 20+ volunteers who came out in full force to clean up our neighborhood, and braved this crisp, cold January Saturday. Thanks to your dedication, we collected over 5 super huge bags of garbage!! They are sitting at Hiawatha & Charles and I will be contacting SPU to pick them up Monday morning. Despite multiple phone calls and emails, it still takes them a few days to get things picked up, and I will be persistent.

So, hats off to:

  • Raleigh
  • Scott
  • Ann*
  • Scott
  • Luke
  • Margo*
  • Judith*
  • Oksana
  • Vince*
  • Liz
  • Amanda
  • Zach
  • Heidi
  • Tyler
  • Gina
  • Matilda
  • Suresh
  • Sean
  • Nathan
  • Ryan*
  • Sola
  • and Christa for making coffee :)

And a few other folks whose names I missed this morning. (SORRY!) GREAT WORK, EVERYONE!!!

* Denotes Jackson Place Community Council Board Members

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