Man fires handgun at vehicle near 27th and Spring, nobody injured

EDITOR’S UPDATE: A man was seen firing a handgun at a vehicle near 27th and Spring around 9:15 p.m. Sunday night, according to police. No victims or property damage were located.

Several people called to report the shots. When police arrived at the scene, a witness flagged them down at MLK and Spring. She said she saw a man firing a large grey handgun at a car. The suspect is described as a black male in his 20s with a dark jacket and short hair.

Police recovered two shell casings at the scene.

Original post:

Just reported five or more gunshots….again.  Near Union/MLK.  This is the second time in three days.  Third time in two weeks.  This is getting me freaked out.  

Sonic Boom Again?

Was just sitting at home and suddenly felt a jolt, my coffee cup sloshed a bit…only thing I noticed was that the jets had started up again….this is beginning to feel a little nerve racking.  Anyone else?

Chimney Smoke

It’s about sixty degrees outside and someone is using their fireplace…( I live near 27th and Union)…. I usually put up with it in the winter, know to close my windows for someone’s scheduled 6pm burn time but REALLY don’t want to have to smell it in almost summer when I can have my windows open. It’s not necessary, it’s not cold out, and it IS polluting the air. You’re making your carbon footprint more like a carbon godzilla footprint. Please think of your neighbors!