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Anyone hear those loud transformer explosions last night?

They woke me up, not sure what time, but I checked and thankfully had electricity.  Sounded like at least 3 went off in succession. 

0 thoughts on “Anyone hear those loud transformer explosions last night?

  1. Ha! We thought they were fireworks, or gunshots, or possibly potato gunshots! Also heard three

  2. There were about 6 all together. 2 big booms and 3 or 4 loud pops. It was at about 11:55pm or so last night. We heard it loud and clear down by Lake Washington. Kinda scary!

  3. There were fireworks being shot around that time. Got to see them from my bedroom window. They were actually quite lovely.

  4. Yes,I did hear them!Glad someone else can confirm this stuff once in a while.No one else ever seems to hear this stuff!Anyone hear the 5 in a row gunshots last week?

  5. Yes, to confirm, they were fireworks and what someone mentioned, they were quite lovely…