See a Claw Foot Tub walk by??

I am the guy working on the home at 24th & E. Pine in the CD.

Despite being footless, I have come to find that my vintage claw foot tub has walked away from my yard in the last 24-48 hours.

If you know what has happened to it, or have any other information, please e-mail me:
[email protected]

I would very much like to see the old thing again so I can put its feet back on.

Sally Clark’s office: Twilight move OK’d pending..

“pending the final OK from the Liquor Control Board”

I was moved by an eloquent city planning oriented neighbor’s plea for the Twilight, so I wrote in too.

Here is the response:

“Hi jbatt,

I work for Councilmember Clark. Thank you for the message of support
for the Twilight Exit’s proposed relocation to 25th & Cherry. The final
decision is up to the Washington State Liquor Control Board, but after
hearing from many advocates like yourself, Councilmember Clark reached
out to the School District and the owner of the Twilight Exit to learn
more about the situation. It seems the Exit and the School District
have reached a compromise and the relocation will be able to move
forward as planned, pending the final OK from the Liquor Control Board.
I think the decision resulted in large part to the community-based
advocacy for neighborhood businesses.

Thanks for your efforts.

Best regards,

Dan Nolte
Office of Councilmember Sally Clark
Seattle City Council”

Shots fired at Garfield CC/Garfield Area

Hello all,

My name is Jonas (yes, I know), and I didn’t intend for this to be my first post, but here we go:

I heard 5-8 shots outside my apartment at 23rd and Cherry at around 7pm. I went out to see what was what and 3-5 cops, fire, etc. is on site and literally running around, unsure of what is going on.

I walked up to the Garfield CC entrance and Officer states: “You need to get out of here, we are locking the whole place down.”

Sweet, Sweet CD oh how I love thee.

Also, I can see the marvelous “Million Dollar House” that is going up for auction at Factoria from my apartment. That place, next to the neighborhood Monkey Wrench Garage and Hangout was doomed since it was a dream in the Russian’s eye.

Oh, and my house, my very first house, is the one at 24th and Pine! (not Cherry) that is under major renovation – more later.