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See a Claw Foot Tub walk by??

I am the guy working on the home at 24th & E. Pine in the CD.

Despite being footless, I have come to find that my vintage claw foot tub has walked away from my yard in the last 24-48 hours.

If you know what has happened to it, or have any other information, please e-mail me:
[email protected]

I would very much like to see the old thing again so I can put its feet back on.

0 thoughts on “See a Claw Foot Tub walk by??

  1. one walked away from my neighbor’s backyard 2 1/2 weeks ago – perhaps they’re uprising!

  2. Within hours of our 1960’s vintage (canary yellow) bathtub being unceremoniously dumped on the parking strip, a very polite man asked if he could have it, and then returned to take it away. I hope it and he are happy together.


  3. They may be melted down as scrap metal at this point. When I was a metalworker I regularly cleared out the scraps from the shop and cashed them in for money at the scrapyard. There was a regular stream of guys with old pickups cashing in found metal. They pay cash by the ton so dense things like tubs and radiators are worthwhile. The feet are actually more rare than the tubs!

  4. You can get old replacement tubs at Second Use in South Park. They also have feet that you can borrow for a deposit and have new feet cast in Tacoma.

  5. While I am not of the clawfoot tub school of decorating (I’m much more the aforementioned Canary Yellow tub sort of guy) I hate when rare things that people like go walking.

    Hope you find it – or a replacement one – soon. You can also try Earthwise on Fourth South and Spokane or Restore (I think that’s the name) in Ballard.

  6. Someone probably picked it up for scrap. We’ve removed two modern style tubs from our house and haven’t had to haul either away. The scrap guys troll the neighborhoods pretty efficiently…. and though most are polite (we were asked before it was taken) some are unscrupulous.

  7. Just a couple of days ago I stopped and admired the construction I saw here. Foam-form concrete has the advantage of energy efficiency although it is seldom used. I want to thank you for your good work. I hope your feet can find a tub.