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Change Coming to SCCC Woodworking School

There’s rumors flying down in Judkins Park about the Seattle Central Community College’s woodworking school and possible changes in the way they use their large piece of property along 23rd Avenue South. This morning I spoke to Laura Mansfield, SCCC Director of Communications, and was able to knock down one rumor and confirm another.

Ms. Mansfield told me that change is definitely coming to the campus, courtesy of a $26 million capital project grant from the state to build a new core instructional building for the school.  This project would replace the big building that currently sits on the south end of the property at the corner of 23rd & Lane. The project is currently in the design phase, but they have the money in hand and want to get started “as soon as possible.”

There was also a rumor about the woodworking programs being moved to another SCCC facility down in Georgetown, with the existing property in the Central District then offered up for sale to developers.  Ms. Mansfield said that administrators did discuss that option but ultimately decided to keep the woodworking school on 23rd and proceed with the rehabilitation of that campus.

There’s a nice mural along the west side of the building that would be replaced under the new development plan, and I’ve spoken to one neighbor who’s concerned about it being destroyed with the old building.  Ms. Mansfield said she hadn’t heard about that concern before, but encouraged people to make their thoughts known at an upcoming open house for the redevelopment.

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  1. Is SCCC and this property subject to a Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP) and citizen involvement?

  2. There has been an educational institution on that site for a long time. Check this out:

  3. I was the an officer of the Judkins Park CC (the sponsoring org) when that mural was designed, funded, and painted. I don’t remember a lot of the details, but it would be a shame for it to go. I’ve been walking around the CD documenting n’hood art for some time, and this mural is probably the best mural in the CD – maybe in Seattle for that matter.

  4. Richard, thanks for your input. I live across from the school and although I’m happy to know a new building will be constructed, I’m very sad about the potential loss of this mural. I hope you and everyone else who’d like to see this mural saved, attend the meeting for planning.
    Monday, March 23, 2009 06:00 PM – 08:00 PM
    Where: 2300 S. Lane St.
    What: Your chance to get a peek at designs for new construction on the Seattle Central Community College’s woodworking campus along 23rd Ave S.