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Classroom Robbery at Seattle U

I was just forwarded an email about a bold robbery of a student inside a Seattle U classroom this morning:

This morning, Seattle Police arrested a teenage suspect for strong arm robbery of a Seattle University student. At approximately 8:45 a.m., Campus Public Safety and Seattle Police responded to a report that the student had her iPod taken from her in a classroom in the Administration Building. The victim reported that the suspect, an unknown juvenile male, walked into the classroom where she was sitting with another student. The suspect sat next to the student and asked about the class. 

After a couple minutes the suspect grabbed the iPod from the student and started walking out of the room. The student verbally confronted the suspect and followed him to the lobby where a staff person heard what was happening and asked the student to call Public Safety. The staff person pursued the suspect who ran around the building’s exterior before tripping and falling to the ground. The staff person restrained the young male until Campus Public Safety and SPD officers arrived. The suspect was identified as a teenager and not affiliated with the university.  Campus Public Safety was advised that SPD officers recovered an impact weapon and a replica weapon from the suspect at the time of arrest. The suspect also had a can of unopened beer and the victim’s iPod.  The suspect was transported to the East Precinct for processing.


Although there was a “Police Beat” column in my university’s daily paper, I don’t ever remember reading about anything so bold during my college years.

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