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Shots Fired

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, March 12, 2009

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  1. yes thats right! you can no longer walk up and down the street and look over your shoulder….haha the things people call the police for….what a waste of their time sometimes hahah!!!!!

  2. hahaha. I always look over my shoulder when I’m walking to the bus stop. wonder if that’s what they were doing.

  3. I reported that guy. He was very much suspicious. My call was misreported. The guy in question was walking up the driveway of a four plex at mid morning- prime breakin time- and rubber necking like the chick in the Exorcist. No one who has any legit business looks that paranoid.

  4. My incident has not made it onto this site but I thought I would relay that there is a guy exposing himself. Last night, 9:15 pm, SW corner of 12th and Republican. White male, 6′ tall, dark beard – and obviously pathetically creepy. Polica were called and patrolled the area very quickly after the incident. Good response time.