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What is worse than your car being stolen?

Someone stealing parts off of your car.

This afternoon around 3 p.m. my housemate came home to find someone removing parts from my car. When she confronted him about it, he said that the owner had sold it to him for parts. She explained that that was not possible and that the owner of the car was me. He took off and I came home to find that my muffler, glove box, stereo, starter, and blinkers had all been removed from my car. Luckily, my roommate caught him in the act and he didn’t have a chance to actually take most of this stuff so now most of it is in the backseat of my car. Which, you know, will probably be stolen tonight.

This was in the middle of the day on 27th & Fir.

If you’ve got a Honda, watch out.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about the crime on your car.

    We need to keep an eye out for each other here in the CD! If you see something weird, call the police.

    Monday morning at 5 AM I woke to the sound of smashing glass and looked out to see my neighbors back window to his Explorer gone and some crook taking things out of the then open window. He took off when he saw me (in the car he left running in the middle of the street) and I called the cops. This was on 26th and E. Howell.

    Anyway, our neighborhood gets better everyday and we can keep up the improvements. Sorry again for your loss.

  2. she was worried for her safety at the time. i’d rather my housemate be safe than my car, so i’m not upset about her actions at all.

  3. beat the shit out of him, im fucking sick of people stealing shit, i have a honda civic and it fires me up, mutha fuckers need to get hit with a brick! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  4. I have one question: Were the parts he was stealing from the car stock (original) or were they aftermarket (specialty) parts?

    A vehicle in stock (normal) state generally will go untouched while the one that is loaded with aftermarket parts hooptied up with a Folger’s coffee can for a tailpipe and a Cessna wing on the deck lid will get attacked. Though this is not always the case, it is most commonly.

    By the way, calling 911 at the sight of ANYTHING suspicious is the best policy.

  5. Thats why the central district is GHETTO!. I f i saw the guy no questions asked I’d shoot him.

  6. They were original parts.

    I strongly disagree that calling 911 at the sight of ANYTHING suspicious is the best policy. I do, however, fully support calling the non-emergency number when seeing something suspicious. But please, please, please leave 911 for actual emergencies.

  7. There is no longer a “Non Emergency number” (formerly 625.5011) The police department precincts all URGE YOU to use 911 and call at the sight of anything suspicious. This is not my opinion, it is what the CITY WANTS YOU TO DO. They place patrols in areas based on the locations of the 911 calls.

    Please, if you see something suspicious CALL 911 !!

  8. ….And you would be in jail facing a needle like whats his name……Can we be adults here?

  9. It’s true. The Police have been urging citizens for several years now to use 911 for any type of suspicious activity.

  10. Sadly, Civics are targets pretty much whatever shape they’re in, with or without after-market parts.

  11. Community, help each other out, look out for your neighbor, call 911 are all awesome ideas. How about someone with some mechanical savy help this person and put the parts back on. I would do it but I don’t know Jack.