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Shots fired at Garfield CC/Garfield Area

Hello all,

My name is Jonas (yes, I know), and I didn’t intend for this to be my first post, but here we go:

I heard 5-8 shots outside my apartment at 23rd and Cherry at around 7pm. I went out to see what was what and 3-5 cops, fire, etc. is on site and literally running around, unsure of what is going on.

I walked up to the Garfield CC entrance and Officer states: “You need to get out of here, we are locking the whole place down.”

Sweet, Sweet CD oh how I love thee.

Also, I can see the marvelous “Million Dollar House” that is going up for auction at Factoria from my apartment. That place, next to the neighborhood Monkey Wrench Garage and Hangout was doomed since it was a dream in the Russian’s eye.

Oh, and my house, my very first house, is the one at 24th and Pine! (not Cherry) that is under major renovation – more later.

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