FAKE NEIGHBOR is back…..hitting up the Jackson Place neighborhood

Please be aware that the “FAKE NEW NEIGHBOR” is back. 

He was here hitting up the Jackson Place neighborhood at 3:40pm today on Hiawatha (btwn S. Charles/ S. Dearborn Ave.)

He is not locked out. He is just looking for money & a fix. Same sad story and thanks to the CDNEWS postings from neighbors, we were prepared.

See the previous links.

black male, mid 30’s early 40’s, claims he is gay, janky teeth, wearing blue cotton jacket, black old mountain bike, denim & baseball style hat.


JPBA presents HIAWATHA SPRING FEST – OPEN CALL today til March 18th

Local arts organizations, artists, musicians, performance artist, spoken word, local business, neighbors, volunteers? The Jackson Place Business Association is hosting an OPEN CALL @ Cafe Weekend for this year’s for this years HIAWATHA SPRING FEST an annual art and local business event. This is our 6th neighborhood arts event and it continues to grow. We are excited to open this up to the rest of the neighborhood this year and see if there is an opportunity to collaborate.

Please stop by if you are interested in showcasing your skills or promoting your business. The OPEN CALL is basically an opportunity to meet up with some of your JPBA event representatives, neighborhood volunteers and get more details in person. Stop by and sign up

Last day to sign-up is March 18th. If you can not make it in to Cafe Weekend during business hours M-F 7am-1pm Sat. 8am-2pm, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Martel – [email protected] to sign-up.

This year’s SPRING FEST will be on SATURDAY MARCH 26th from 2-6pm.
We will be featuring art events, a food truck, open Hiawatha Lofts – art studios and various demonstrations (dance, music, art workshops, bicycle workshops, etc.)  and promotions from you and local businesses. 


Jackson Place Community –  @ HIawatha Art Lofts – Community Room, Plaza, & 800 block of Hiawatha Place S. Seattle, WA 98144

*check out our JPBA link for more details.

Cafe Weekend is located @ 851 Hiawatha Place S. Seattle, WA 98144




HIAWATHA Place S. featured on the SEATTLE CHANNEL

HIAWATHA is growing in the JACKSON PLACE Community, highlighted on TV this last week. Enjoy it if you missed it or do not have cable. SEATTLE CHANNEL, citystream. on the 16 min mark. In this video you’ll also find:

• preparing for the winter snow

• traffic calming ideas on residential streets 

Consider slowing down when you see a roundabout vs accelerating, though its natural to not break, and may seem fun to whip around them. The one at the bottom of the S. Charles street hill @ Hiawatha Place South – IS A MAJOR BIKE PATH, you will collide with our bike commuters, many have or nearly avoided an accident.

• affordable housing highlights, Hiawatha businesses & artists featured.

On this edition of CityStream, Are you ready for extreme weather? See how the City of Seattle is preparing for this season`s La Nina winter, and how you and your family should be prepared when winter storms. And Seattle neighborhoods have been keeping track of speeding traffic on their residential streets. Check out the creative ways they`re getting cars to slow down with ‘traffic calming’ techniques. Just a decade ago, an area off of Rainier Avenue South was lined with overgrown empty lots. Today Hiawatha Place South is a vibrant urban pocket, formed out of a collaboration with the City of Seattle and developers. What was once empty space is now a thriving community.

video link: http://www.seattlechannel.org/videos/video.asp?ID=3071038

MODULAR home design & FOOD-DRIVE this TUESDAY 10am-4pm — UPDATE

Modular Home Craning Day in the Jackson Place Community.

For the first time, GREENFAB will install a LEED platinum modular home in a Seattle in the Jackson Place Community. The modules will be lifted by a crane 60 ft in the air and be installed on a pre poured foundation on S. Lane Street. Come hang out in the JPC and check out the installation from 10am – 4pm.

During the installation event, Greenfab will be hosting a FOOD DRIVE through the Food Bank at St. Mary’s to help provide food to those in need this winter on Tuesday December 7th please bring non-perishable protein and vegetable items to S. Lane St/18th @ the Greenfab information tent.  

Check out the information tent to get more details about the new project & module homes. Greenfab will have FBSM containers waiting to be filled up! They will be serving up organic coffee & treats from Cafe Weekend for each item donated. 

* S. Lane Street will be closed to traffic so you can park on any of the nearby streets. Check out the Greenfab Facebook Page for further details. Please enter from 18th & S. Lane for the best views.

House location:1827 S. Lane St, Seattle WA 98144 CLICK HERE FOR MAP

10am- 4pm Tuesday December 7th

Snow Days on Hiawatha – Jackson Place Community

We have received up to 3″ of snow in the Jackson Place Community. Here are some pictures of our neighborhood on our First Snow Day. Kids are having fun sledding the pipeline. A perfect snow kissed grassy nole. Enjoy the Snow Day pictures thanks to cafe weekend for their neighborhood updates.

SNOW/ safety/ traffic in JP: These hills S. Dearborn, S. Charles, S. Bush Place between 20th & Rainier Ave. are steep and snowed over. We have seen many cars skid down and play bumber cars in the past. We do not foresee these hilly streets being plowed.  We would highly suggest that you walk, snowshoe, or sled on these Snow Days in the JP Community. Its chilly out there and the roads will get icy as the sun drops. Our hills are steep. If they are perfect for sledding, they are not good for driving. Grab your sleds and enjoy.

Businesses OPEN on Hiawatha: We’ll keep you updated on the Jackson Place Business Association/ facebook for more details on our neighborhood businesses.


CAFE WEEKEND is open today. *check cafe weekend’s facebook and twitter also for neighborhood updates.   http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=247097&id=61365096

HiawathOween October 23rd – Jackson Place Neighborhood -Save the Date

The Jackson Place Business Association is working in conjunction with Arts Crush, Hiawatha Artist Lofts & Cafe Weekend to make this year’s Fall Open House an extra special event for the neighborhood and greater Art community in the North Rainier Valley/ South Seattle. The Hiawatha Lofts hosts two annual open houses in Spring & Fall (3rd Saturday in March & 3rd Saturday in October).

Hiawatha Open House: The open house event is an opportunity for the artist/ residents to showcase their current works to the neighborhood & greater community. Check out first Thursday & Cafe Weekend for the official line-up.

Arts Crush – is a month long arts festival Sponsored by Theatre Puget Sound

JPBA – Jackson Place Business Association, facebook – Please check out more details on our facebook and RSVP. Save the Date – October 23rd 4-8:30pm

Some of the things you’ll see this year alongside the open studios are: childrens story telling by Nu Black Arts West Theater, special performance by Seattle Thriller, dinner time w/ local mobile food trucks, Fall Harvest food drive – St. Mary’s Food Bank, resident & local musicians, and of course costumes are encouraged for all ages. *Enjoy some of the costumes from Fall 2009.

*we are looking for donations of pumpkins, candy & gift certificates for the costume contests. please feel free to contact us on our JPBA facebook.

Park(ing) Day on Hiawatha Place/ Jackson Place Neighborhood- hiawatha dog park

In the Jackson Place Neighborhood you’ll find three PARK(ing) day parks on Hiawatha in support of Parking Day. Cafe Weekend & My World Dance & Fitness have three parks posted up infront of the Hiawatha Artists Lofts. Come down and hang out despite the rain forecast. Fun for dogs, kids, and patrons. Check out the map attached and see all 30 parked parks that are situated around the downtown core. One day only. check out http://feetfirst.info/ for details.

What the heck is PARK(ing) Day you ask? Scheduled this year for Friday, September 17th, PARK(ing) Day is an annual, one-day, global event where artists, activists, and citizens independently but simultaneously temporarily transform metered parking spots into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public parks. Did you know that nearly 28 percent of all land in Seattle is dedicated to automobile travel? And that doesn’t even include private parking lots! PARK(ing) Day shows residents what their city would look like if more public space was allocated for urban parks, recreation, social interactions, and other people-centric pursuits, rather than the movement and storage of cars.

Check out the winning Parking Day “most contextual” park. Hiawatha Dog park. Thanks to all that enjoyed it for the day and until next year…. enjoy some of  your neighborhood pictures here….

DOUBLE DUTCH EMPIRE coming to Jackson Place…Tuesday Night 8/3

Hiawatha Place S. prepares for Neighborhood Night Out….calling Jackson Place Neighbors.

Double Dutch Empire will be in attendance. 150+ new people jumped over the course of three days at the Capitol Hill Block Party + a Seattle Police Officer. Double Dutch Empire is all about teaching folks the joys of double dutch and jump rope in general.  They aim to get every person jumping, from toddlers to grandparents and we have skilled teachers to make it happen.  www.doubledutchempire.com

Lets see what JP can do in 3 hours, calling Jackson Place neighbors to come down and represent Hiawatha and join DDE in a jumpfest Tuesday Night 8/3 – 5:30 – 8:30pm. * maybe they will be able to get the Neighborhood Fire Dept Precinct to get their jump on too. http://lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2010/07/27/block-party-the-jump-roping-cop

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

update from the neighborhood:

Hiawatha is expecting many new residents due to the new developments on just one city block. Nova Town Home, Pontedera Condos, and the new resident artists for Fall at the Hiawatha Arts Lofts. “Our community is growing and the Night Out will give us a chance to enjoy one summer evening together to continue building it.” Neighbors are excited with the opportunity to not only share food, but fun. One Hiawatha resident artist will be doing tarot reading while neighbors are bringing  their summer favorite sport badminton to street level, and of course the kids have a tradition of making a DIY street bike course.

Hiawatha welcomes more neighbors to stroll down to 843 Hiawatha Place. S (btwn S. Charles/Dearborn) after they enjoy their individual street potlucks. If your block is not having one and you are interested in participating in NIGHT OUT! please RSVP at Cafe Weekend in person as this is one part potluck one part grilled goodness thanks to Jackson Place Cohousing.

Jackson Place Business Association, Jackson Place Co-housing, & Cafe Weekend are the co-organizers for this years Hiawatha NIGHT OUT BLOCK PARTY!!