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JPBA presents HIAWATHA SPRING FEST – OPEN CALL today til March 18th

Local arts organizations, artists, musicians, performance artist, spoken word, local business, neighbors, volunteers? The Jackson Place Business Association is hosting an OPEN CALL @ Cafe Weekend for this year’s for this years HIAWATHA SPRING FEST an annual art and local business event. This is our 6th neighborhood arts event and it continues to grow. We are excited to open this up to the rest of the neighborhood this year and see if there is an opportunity to collaborate.

Please stop by if you are interested in showcasing your skills or promoting your business. The OPEN CALL is basically an opportunity to meet up with some of your JPBA event representatives, neighborhood volunteers and get more details in person. Stop by and sign up

Last day to sign-up is March 18th. If you can not make it in to Cafe Weekend during business hours M-F 7am-1pm Sat. 8am-2pm, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Martel – [email protected] to sign-up.

This year’s SPRING FEST will be on SATURDAY MARCH 26th from 2-6pm.
We will be featuring art events, a food truck, open Hiawatha Lofts – art studios and various demonstrations (dance, music, art workshops, bicycle workshops, etc.)  and promotions from you and local businesses. 


Jackson Place Community –  @ HIawatha Art Lofts – Community Room, Plaza, & 800 block of Hiawatha Place S. Seattle, WA 98144

*check out our JPBA link for more details.

Cafe Weekend is located @ 851 Hiawatha Place S. Seattle, WA 98144




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