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HIAWATHA Place S. featured on the SEATTLE CHANNEL

HIAWATHA is growing in the JACKSON PLACE Community, highlighted on TV this last week. Enjoy it if you missed it or do not have cable. SEATTLE CHANNEL, citystream. on the 16 min mark. In this video you’ll also find:

• preparing for the winter snow

• traffic calming ideas on residential streets 

Consider slowing down when you see a roundabout vs accelerating, though its natural to not break, and may seem fun to whip around them. The one at the bottom of the S. Charles street hill @ Hiawatha Place South – IS A MAJOR BIKE PATH, you will collide with our bike commuters, many have or nearly avoided an accident.

• affordable housing highlights, Hiawatha businesses & artists featured.

On this edition of CityStream, Are you ready for extreme weather? See how the City of Seattle is preparing for this season`s La Nina winter, and how you and your family should be prepared when winter storms. And Seattle neighborhoods have been keeping track of speeding traffic on their residential streets. Check out the creative ways they`re getting cars to slow down with ‘traffic calming’ techniques. Just a decade ago, an area off of Rainier Avenue South was lined with overgrown empty lots. Today Hiawatha Place South is a vibrant urban pocket, formed out of a collaboration with the City of Seattle and developers. What was once empty space is now a thriving community.

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