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A tunnel-through-a-log comes at last to Madrona Beach

Today, a private contractor began work on a log-tunnel at the Madrona Beach Enhancement Project — a fine holiday present for the neighborhood kids!

The log-tunnel had been part of the original design for the project in 1995, but no logs large enough to provide a wide enough tunnel were available.

The Madrona Community Council raised the money to hire Turnstone Construction to correct this omission.  Erik McCormick and Jake LaSalle of Turnstone installed the rebar framing today and grounded it in concrete.

Next week, Erik and Jake will return to sculpt and paint a log around the frame, which will be ready for play, they assure, by December 17.

Expect a good-looking log — Turnstone Construction has an impressive resume which includes the relocation and installation of the Cap’NBoots and the construction of the new penguin exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo.

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