Madison Valley’s big dig-blocking rock scheduled for Sunday night removal

Remember that big rock blocking Madison Valley’s big dig? It’s a huge pain — so it’s coming out, Sunday night. Note that the work storm pipeline work crew will also step up the tunnel boring schedule with nighttime work to get back on schedule.

When we last discussed the problem with the Shaft 5 project manager, SPU said the rock could be up to 60 inches wide. It lies in the dirt beneath the pavement in front of Bailey-Boushay House.

Night Work on E Madison Street and Martin Luther King Jr Way E
Crews have encountered several large rocks as they tunnel below E Madison Street. While rocks can frequently be removed without the need for excavation, the boring machine has currently encountered a rock that does require excavation from the surface street due to its size and location.

 In order to minimize impacts to traffic, crews will excavate and remove the rock this Sunday night, 12/12 (see details below). Crews will also complete tunneling of this segment at night in case additional excavation is required. Any affected surface area will be plated during the daytime to allow traffic to be open in both directions. No daytime construction activities are planned on E Madison Street. (See attached construction flyer for more information).
Construction details
þConstruction hours will be from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. for the pipeline construction, Sunday evenings through Friday mornings. Other project-related work will continue during daytime construction hours. No work will take place on Friday or Saturday evenings to minimize impacts to businesses.
þDuring any potential excavation, uniformed police officers will be onsite to direct vehicles.
þSome street parking may be temporarily unavailable to accommodate this work. “No Parking” signs will be clearly posted.
þIncreased noise, dust and vibration can be expected, especially during the excavation.
þIncreased lighting from the construction work area and construction vehicles.
Additional construction update
Daytime work is also planned this Saturday, 12/11, near Shaft 4 (Martin Luther King Jr Way E and E Arthur Place). Standard Saturday construction hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
We appreciate your understanding and patience during this work. Stay tuned for future updates.
To learn more about this project, please visit  For questions or comments on the project, please email [email protected] or call the Madison Valley Stormwater hotline at (206) 455-5345.

0 thoughts on “Madison Valley’s big dig-blocking rock scheduled for Sunday night removal

  1. What kind if an idea is it to be drilling a rock at night, when people are trying to sleep to go to work and school in the morning?

  2. So that the people can actually get to work and school in the morning because the excavation crews have finished their work.

  3. I wonder if the work crew has talked with the Arboretum folks about it becoming part of the gardens after it comes out?

  4. The crews have been working in that particular spot for months. There is no difference in the access to the road tonight than their is in the day time. So again, blasting those of us nearby out of our beds on a work/school night is stupid.