Golden-Yellow Lab Found Near Coleman Park

A golden yellow lab (Male) followed me home today when I was walking near Colman Park. 
I took him to the Seattle Animal Shelter on 15th Ave W (Interbay - between Queen  Anne & Magnolia). 
Very friendly and sweet dog with a great personality. He is chipped and they have tried to contact to owner. 
If you are the owner, please contact the Shelter to pick up your dog. 
2061 15th Ave W Seattle, Washington 98101 
(206) 386-7387 Open Daily 

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Neighborhood Complaints? Handy numbers for action here

A few days ago someone posted a link about people dumping some old couches on the front lawn/parking strip.

I just wanted to broadcast out and share with everyone a resource sheet on complaint lines for the city by category.

  1. Illegal Parking in right-of-way or blocking sidewalks: Seattle Police 206-625-5011  Seattle Dept. of Transportation 206-684-5283 
  2. Rodents: Seattle Dept. of Public Health 206-296-4600 
  3. Graffiti or ILLEGAL DUMPING (Which includes storing junk in the yard): Seattle Public Utilities 206-684-7587
  4. Abandoned Vehicles in the Street: Parking Enforcement 206-684-8763 
  5. Vehicles Parked on Planting Strips: Parking Enforcement 206-386-9012 
  6. Weeds, shrubs, and trees growing onto the street and walkways from private property: Seattle Dept. of Planning and Development 206-615-0808 or
  7. Domestic animals at large: Seattle Animal Control (206) 386-PETS (7387)

Gardening Resources or Clubs

Hi there,
I am interested in finding out if there are any local gardening clubs, resources, or organizations within the greater CD? I live in the Judkins Park/Leschi area. If anyone knows of anything with a GLBT angle that would be an extra bonus. Please let me know.

Need advice of historic preservation-wood

Hi there,

I have a home that was built in 1910. It is nothing extraordinary from a millwork or design perspective, but I am just curious what the woodwork inside and such is made of. It is all painted today. So looking for soeone who knows what type of wood was used during that period in this style of home. Anyone know any resources? If there is some way to know how a house looked inside when it was built, that would be good to know. QAny help would be great.


Need Advice – Neighbor with garbage everywhere

Hello fellow neighbors. I have a neighbor who has two very large dogs that are confined exclusively to the backyard and bark most of the day. In addition, the dog poop is never picked up and after over a year (maybe longer) it is beginning to get pretty nasty back there. Add to that, they never cut back their plants or keep up their house at all.

OK, not expecting everyone to have a green thumb and not looking for perfection, but when it is hot out, the dog dung can get potent and the plants are so overgrown with nettles or weeds that they start to come over and get tangled into my trees and such.

I feel bad for the neighbor. She is able bodied and capable, just kind of lazy or something I think. I have offered to help her clear the mess(subtly of course), but she politely declines-I think she feels embarrassed and does not want to impose on me. A lot of my fellow neighbors are pretty harsh about her, but it is starting to become a big nuisance for me next door.

Question: Does anyone know of any city ordinances or recourse to have folks clean up after their excessive dog waste or do something about extreme overgrown backyards?