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Twilight Exit to open THIS Friday, Feb 13th @ 4pm

Just called the Twilight and somebody FINALLY answered. This Friday at 4pm is the opening time.

0 thoughts on “Twilight Exit to open THIS Friday, Feb 13th @ 4pm

  1. Friday the 13th,an auspicious date for an opening. Can’t wait. I walked by it yesterday and it seemed like it could open at any moment. Looks better than the old location.

  2. Just met up with Elmwood at the TE. Full house, fun crowd, same fun place with some polish and clean bathrooms. Walking home was a different experience. Usually, walking down Cherry at night feels a little shady, tonight there were people walking to and from the TE and it felt nice and safe. Great addition to the neighborhood and hopefully businesses will see that neighborhood pubs (not loud nite clubs) are a perfect business for this well-travelled street at the heart of the CD.

  3. We stopped by last night and arrived just in time to get the last open table. It was packed! Had a great time and I’m really excited to have it in the neighborhood.