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Neighborhood Complaints? Handy numbers for action here

A few days ago someone posted a link about people dumping some old couches on the front lawn/parking strip.

I just wanted to broadcast out and share with everyone a resource sheet on complaint lines for the city by category.

  1. Illegal Parking in right-of-way or blocking sidewalks: Seattle Police 206-625-5011  Seattle Dept. of Transportation 206-684-5283 
  2. Rodents: Seattle Dept. of Public Health 206-296-4600 
  3. Graffiti or ILLEGAL DUMPING (Which includes storing junk in the yard): Seattle Public Utilities 206-684-7587
  4. Abandoned Vehicles in the Street: Parking Enforcement 206-684-8763 
  5. Vehicles Parked on Planting Strips: Parking Enforcement 206-386-9012 
  6. Weeds, shrubs, and trees growing onto the street and walkways from private property: Seattle Dept. of Planning and Development 206-615-0808 or
  7. Domestic animals at large: Seattle Animal Control (206) 386-PETS (7387)

0 thoughts on “Neighborhood Complaints? Handy numbers for action here

  1. what is the number for animal control???? need to get rid of feral cats and racoons in the area…

  2. Call Noise Abatement(air noise only)at (206) 787-5393 or 1-800-826-1147 day or night. I keep the number by my bedside phone as well and call at 4 or 5 AM when awakened by obnoxious plane.

  3. Scott – Perhaps, we can add a tab or something to CDN to make a permanent resource list easily accessible.

  4. If you want to put an end to feral cats, talk to your neighbors about spaying and neutering their pets. If you see kittens, talk to the owner about their plans for finding homes for the kittens. Some local vets will help.
    Local, affordable ($25 or less) spay and neuter is available through

  5. we commonly refer to these as parking strips, and consistently put the tire up on the curb for the sole reason of keeping our side-view mirrors! Are you saying people are not OK to park up in the parking strip with one side, or are you talking about an entire vehicle parked in it?

  6. The best number to call for any parking enforcement issue, including things like tires on the grass, is the SPD non-emergency number: (206) 625-5011 (menu option #2, followed by #8). They’ll dispatch a parking enforcement officer, generally within an hour or two.

  7. Does the organization also run an adoption program?

    I’m thinking about adopting two kittens or young cats. I know the pet supply place on Madison usually has some kittens from the feral cat rescue.

    Does anyone have an opinion about if it is more difficult? I’ve raised cats before, just wonder if there are differences or specific issues.


  8. I’m fairly sure if you get them young enough it will not make a big difference. If they’ve been feral long enough, they are surely going to prefer being alone / not with humans, and it will take a fair bit of extra love and handling to get them part of the family.