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Colman’s Neighborhood’s First Community Harvest

This afternoon, the neighbors down in the southern end of the CD completed their first community harvest.

We picked two Italian plum trees (one donated by a neighbor and one on a lot being converted to townhomes). We gathered approximately 100 pounds of fruit, which then was offered to the harvesters and neighbors in the Colman. About 70 pounds of fresh fruit will go tomorrow morning to the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

We’re planning on another harvest this weekend and anticipate several more harvests as we move from plum to the pears and apples in our old neighborhood.

If you live within the Colman sub-neighborhood (Jackson to the Lid, 23rd to MLK) and are interested in either donating your unused fruit, helping with the harvest, or doing workshops on canning and preserving the harvest, please contact Knox at [email protected] directly.

For our other neighbors in the CD who are interested in Community Harvesting, please contact either the Seattle Tilth to donate your tree at 633-0451 or City Fruit to learn more about urban fruit and gleaning initiatives in the city.

0 thoughts on “Colman’s Neighborhood’s First Community Harvest

  1. What a great idea! Thanks, Knox. I see fruit falling on the ground as I walk and now I have some info to give the residents.