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Gardening Resources or Clubs

Hi there,
I am interested in finding out if there are any local gardening clubs, resources, or organizations within the greater CD? I live in the Judkins Park/Leschi area. If anyone knows of anything with a GLBT angle that would be an extra bonus. Please let me know.

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  1. We have a garden club (and I use the term loosely) in the CD called Garden Central. It was started in 2003 by some of the gardeners involved in the Union St Improvement Project and the accompanying CD Garden Tours.

    The email is [email protected]. You can also go to and click on Join This Group. The way the yahoo group was set up, you have to be approved to join. No one has been turned down yet.

    We are planning a free CD Spring Plant Exchange for Saturday May 16th at 20th & E Union in the Copymaster parking lot from 10am – 2pm. Everyone is welcome and you DO NOT have to bring plants to take plants.

    Garden Central has two items of focus this year:

    1. We are planning to start extra veggie plants to give to P-Patch and Victory Gardeners on May 16th. NOTE: Anyone can start plants now and take them to the Plant Exchange. If you’re in need, make a note to come get some starts. We’re just at the beginning of this brainstorm, so we have no idea what kind of plants we’ll have, how many or any further details. Come join us and help figure it out!

    2. Garden Central is supporting the Smile Train charity that performs cleft palate surgeries all over the world. 100% of donations go towards the surgeries, necessary travel, etc, not to admin or fund-raising. We hope to raise $250 this year which will pay for one surgery. We’ll have a donation jar at the Spring and Fall Plant Exchanges, Night Out, Union St cleanup and BBQ (stayed tuned for details) and wherever we gardeners throw or attend an event. (We’ll be the ones party-hopping with the tin cups at Night Out.)

    We are in the process of planning a couple of other events for 2009 and are looking for volunteers to host or organize: speakers, a summer tour of a public garden, the Fall Plant Exchange and the annual wreath-making workshop at the Lutheran Church in late Nov/early Dec.

    Welcome and we look forward to seeing you!

  2. For some interesting education for yourself and networking, Seattle tilth has a great garden in Mount baker (not TOO far):

    And the Pea Patch program:

    Mostly my neighbors and I just kind of trade advice and plants :-)

  3. We are starting a new P-Patch at 25th & Spring Street. It is a unique opportunity to get ahead of the P-Patch waiting lists by volunteering during the development phase. Once the site has been constructed, those who put in the most time will be the first given the opportunity to garden a plot. There is a work party from 10am-2pm Saturday, March 7th. Come be part of the community and help us build this new garden.