Med Mix hit with more graffiti over the weekend

20131124_124823The beleaguered Med Mix restaurant at 23rd and Union was the victim of a third round of graffiti over the weekend. Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, two people tagged the plywood wall separating the restaurant and the sidewalk.

And once again, the taggers were captured on film. (Click on the photos to open a larger version.) If you have information relating to this incident, please call Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency line at (206) 625-5011.





7 thoughts on “Med Mix hit with more graffiti over the weekend

  1. Are you implying that this is a surprise? Of course the big plywood wall got tagged. That’s that happens to big plywood walls in urban neighborhoods.

  2. Yes, and it is still criminal distruction of property and an ugly bunch of stuff we don’t want to allow.

    It is not art. It is not attractive. I has no meaning to anybody. And it’s not that we care about a temorary wall, but, that these two idoits spoil alot of property and are an indicator of the extent of disrespectful thinking prevalent in the CD (and yes, elsewhere).

    They are harbingers of the appocalypse I tell ya.

  3. They are just two idiots with a can of paint. There’s no deeper sociological meaning or intent here. Anyone recognize them? The heavy one was wearing a distinctive coat.

  4. Yea not the end of the world, but still sucks. It wasn’t just the plywood, they also tagged the side of building and the glass window.

  5. Some graffiti invites more graffiti. It is also associated with gang tagging. For the parents of kids who are currently on probation for property destruction from past tagging, do you recognize the distinctive coat? If so, stop paying their cell service as punishment. It’s worse than jail to most young people.