Guilty plea in murder of Justin Ferrari – UPDATED



The King County Prosecutor’s Office just issued a press release that Andrew Patterson has pleaded guilty to second degree murder in the May 2012 shooting death of Justin Ferrari.

He faces 15 to 22 years in prison. King County Prosecutors will recommend 19.25 years. He will be sentenced August 23.

Patterson, who just turned 21, was arrested July 19, 2012, after a heavy police search. Court documents gave an intimate look into how detectives built their case against him.

What started as an argument escalated quickly into tragedy as Patterson pulled a gun and fired shots, police documents said. Justin Ferrari was driving his van through the intersection at exactly the wrong time and was struck in the head.

His parents and children were in the van with him when it happened. His children sought safety in a nearby restaurant while his father held him until he died.

Standing room only at May 2012 community meeting about violence.

Standing room only at May 2012 community meeting about violence.

The tragedy and other unsolved murders in the area shook the neighborhood and prompted several public safety meetings and vigils.

More details on the guilty plea from the King County Prosecutor:

Andrew Patterson pleaded guilty this afternoon to Murder in the Second Degree as charged for the shooting death of Justin Ferrari, who was killed by a stray bullet in May 2012 as he drove through Seattle’s Central District with his family. Patterson was in a dispute with another individual when he opened fire from across a street. A stray bullet struck Ferrari in the head as he was driving through an intersection with his parents and his two young children in the car. The sentence range, which includes a firearm enhancement, is 183 to 280 months in prison. Prosecutors will recommend 231 months. “The random, tragic and senseless death of Justin Ferrari was the result of this defendant’s decision to use a gun to settle a petty dispute,” said King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. “Every person in the neighborhood was a potential victim of his irrational and erratic use of deadly force,” he added. Sentencing is scheduled for August 23 at 2 p.m. before Judge Timothy Bradshaw at the King County Courthouse.

31 thoughts on “Guilty plea in murder of Justin Ferrari – UPDATED

  1. This pile of garbage deserves 280 months, and even life. It’s so sad how the justice system works for the criminal and not the victims. While the prosecutors will only recommend 19 years, I hope the judge throws the book at him and gives him the entire full sentence. Anything less is even more tragic.

    • There is simple no reason to allow this violent man back into our community. In 10 years he will be back for another hit on our people.

  2. Justin, a very generous and altruistic person during his entire life, or at least since I first met him when he was 22 and moving to Seattle, would be happier to hear that some form of neighborhood policing, community policing, a real effort to get rid of gang by addressing the root causes and eliminating the excuses as opposed to containing them be put in place. He wasn’t big on revenge or on drones.


    • Do you EVER not type in all caps? You realize that means 90% of people ignore everything you write, and immediately dismiss you as a raving crackpot lunatic?

      • I much prefer raving crack pot lunatics than milk toast patsies that are unaware of their own biased stunted minds that turn society into a fading old stump. Dont read it if you can’t. I like hearing from people. There are millions like Omari, well, sort of. Would be nice to hear from them as well.

      • I second that. Once I see the caps I scroll down. I do the same for most of Grumbo’s retorts as they are misguided and usually extremely biased. It’s not that I don’t think Omari has intelligent things to say, it’s just proper punctuation and simple grammar that will keep me from every reading his rants.

      • There are many of Grumbo’s postings I totally disagree with. But I read them and consider them. Which is more than I can say for any posts ranting and raving in all caps– surest way to get me to ignore you is to start by disrespecting the reader. Yelling doesn’t make your point any more valid, it just annoys.

        It’s a free country, anyone can do as he/she pleases. But typing in all caps speaks volumes about your credibility– and none of it is good.

    • We’re not talking about that right now, Omari. Do try to focus, and keep up.

      • .
        Unbelievable, deliberately or not, mischaracterizes the points that Omari is making.
        Omari asked rhetorical questions which is a way of making a statement. Contrary to what Unbelievable says, what Omari said is very focused. Part of what he said is that, in his opinion, hypocrisy abounds in the judicial system and in the responses on this blog.
        Now, Unbelievable, you might not want to focus on what Omari is saying. It seems to me you are attributing your own lack of focus to Omari.

      • Nonsense. He’s trying to distract from an article on the death of Justin Ferrari, by way of one of his illiterate screeds.

        This isn’t about John T. Williams, and if the perp in this case wasn’t black, Omari wouldn’t give a rat’s ass. He’s a crackpot that simple-minded people think is deep, and the rest of us scorn.

      • No, I’m not going to “check out” some link that lets you off the hook for presenting a defense against what I said. You need to explain, in your own words, how I have attributed something to Omari that applies to me.

        I am not interested in conducting some emotion driven online therapy session for you. If I am wrong, I am wrong. But you need to lay out a reasonable argument as to how what Omari said was relevant to an article about the conviction of the killer of Justin Ferrari.

        This is how adult conversations work. Grow up and engage.

    • Omari will be forever remembered as the guy who wacked the mayor of Seattle in the face with a bullhorn, twice. That’s how he rolls when nobody pays attention to his mindless rants.

  4. It is a very different thing to shoot a dangerous vagrant as opposed to a clearly innocent man just passing by. Everybody understands the significant difference.

    • No, “everybody” does not. I’m not drawing a link between Justin Ferrari and John T. Williams as Omari did, but to characterize Williams as a ‘dangerous vagrant’ completely ignores the facts of the case.

      • Actually his extensive criminal history shows that he was dangerous, and his personal history showed him to be a long time vagrant. Neither was relevant when he was murdered by a trigger happy man who never should have become a police officer. I’m sober and have unimpaired hearing, and I could not have reacted in the 4 seconds given Mr. Williams. Cop was wrong and committed homicide. Williams was a dangerous man and a vagrant, yet neither was relevant at the time he was murdered. Facts. Messy things, but facts nonetheless.

      • Everybody gets that there is a significant difference between the two shootings. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t see the difference. Regardless of whether you understand the danger posed my Mr. Williams, the case if very different. There is no possible explaination for the killing of Mr. Ferrari. Everybody gets that.

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  7. Short of the death penalty, which he should have gotten, he will be released back in the containment zone we live in in 10 + years just like the ones put away via weed and seed ten years ago now showing up back in the CD again. No attempt to require a SOA permantly in any sentance, nope, just shove em back in the containment zone.
    I suggest that if he is given a sentence that a requirement of it is permant exclusion from the boundaries of the CD. If not a legal suit is filed.

  8. .
    This thread has a lot of incendiary macho talk. For example:
    pile of garbage
    In 10 years he will be back for another hit
    raving crackpot lunatic
    milk toast patsies
    Do try to focus, and keep up
    illiterate screeds
    I am not interested in conducting some emotion driven online therapy session
    Grow up and engage
    dangerous vagrant
    Short of the death penalty, which he should have gotten
    There are probably others. And I might have contributed to the bad form by voicing my opinion that Unbelievable attributes things to Omari that are inaccurate. I then took it a step farther and suggested he or she is projecting. Maybe that is true, maybe not. At any rate, I acknowledge that was just an invitation to more macho talk, the last thing this thread needs. Sorry for that.
    One significant thing that Lionel said was that Justin was not big on revenge.
    Also, the point that Omari made about hypocrisy is significant.
    In my opinion, revenge is destructive to all involved.
    In my opinion, the macho talk on this thread is about revenge.
    This blog could be used for a lot more constructive discussion. The macho talk often ensures that does not happen. And it is possible, I would say likely, that all of the macho talk comes from one person using different monikers.

    • This post was about the murder of one of our neighbors. A guy who was killedin a totally random way, in broad daylight I the privacy of his own car, in front of his children and parents, by what can be charitably termed as an intelectually challenged sociopath.

      Then Omari comes in with his usual scolding that he posts in every comment section, and you don’t think there’s anything tacky about that?

      The murder of John T. Williams by a Seattle cop was a tragedy and a miscarriage of justice. One that has been discussed on this site and other sites many times. But we’re not talking about John T. Williams, we’re talking about Justin Ferrari.

      Beyond all that, what is the comparison, other than the fact that they were both murdered?

    • 98122 – I understand your point but suggest another perspective. Airing of our thoughts is critical to understanding. By understanding I do not mean agreement – Just that we hear from and get the mindset of our neighbors.

      There are a whole bunch of ways to see this murder problem in the CD. It is not your right to validate or invalidate people thoughts and statement. You say it is irrelevant irreverent macho talk. Take a goood look in the mirror and see who is speaking the patrimonious righteous better than thow stuff here.

      My perspective us that most police shootings are justified tragedies. Like Williams and the nut job on cap hill today. Others think those are murder. I can see the validity, yet, I subscribe to the white western justice system and intend to uphold it. Omari and thousands of CD residents think change in core societal norms are needed to unseat white bias. It is best that you hear and understand all these perspectives rather than claim a righteous grip on sanctimony anchored be the flag of Justin’s peaceful ambition. He was not Jesus and I could care less if he was.

      He was in fact murderred by a gangster at war on our streets. I don’t think a little anger and disharmony are out of place. Let people speak.

  9. Bringing up the murder of jtw is not relevant to this discussion. Period. From reading his posts i can only conclude that Omar is nuts. I hope is more tolerable in person.

  10. “His children sought safety in a nearby restaurant while his father held him until he died” This does not jibe with the police report, which says the kids were still in the car, strapped in, when the first police officer arrived to see their clearly deceased father.

  11. I knew Justin in high school. Regardless of all the debate and commentary, remember you are talking about a real person. It saddens me to think of how his family feels. As far as for the man that killed Justin, he will be held accountable in some fashion. Unfortunately or not, jail time will never pay back or equal the loss of human life. Nonetheless, in your discussion, please try to be sensitive. Justin was a good man. He was killed. It was tragic. Enough said….