Post Office to relocate; Community invited to comment on locations

The United States Postal Service’s East Union Station has identified two potential sites for its relocation. The Post Office has already moved its distribution efforts to 4th and Lander, and the PO Boxes are moving to Broadway. The whole Post Office will be gone by January.

According to a letter posted at the Post Office, the properties to be reviewed as possible sites are 2209 East Madison Street and 3308 East Spring Street.

The letter reads, “Should one of these properties meet the needs of the community and the Postal Service it may be selected as the location for the new post office. This new facility will provide a safe working environment for our employees and a level of service expected by our customers.”

Community members are invited to comment on the proposed locations by July 19. You can do so by sending a letter to:

Vice President, Facilities
c/o Angela S. Kuhl
USPS Facilities Office
7500 E. 53rd Place, Room 1108
Denver, Colorado 80266-9918

The spot of the current post office is slated to be rezoned and redeveloped.

14 thoughts on “Post Office to relocate; Community invited to comment on locations

      • Where is the parking for the Madison site? Will it be in Safeway? Is it in that little building next to Safeway and do they have a parking lot?
        The Spring site would be sweet for me but I don’t know if all that traffic would be great.

    • .
      the potential sites for its relocation should all be in zip code
      the current post office address is
      1110 23rd Avenue
      possible site
      3308 East Spring Street
      possible site
      2209 East Madison Street
      therefore, the East Madison Street site should not even be considered

      • 98112 has been served from the 23rd and Union site for years. They used to have their own PO on 15th Ave East but it was closed in an earlier consolidation.

        The Madison site is on the border of the two zip codes and makes more sense than Madrona because of easy access and better parking.

      • 2209 Madison is just barely in 98112: it’s right on the Denny Way dividing line between 98112 and 98122. (and Denny takes quite a jog near there and does not exist on that block:

        Addresses in both ZIP codes are served by that Post Office. I’ve had the East Union Post Office as my (98112) post office for 30+ years.

        Madison Street site hence seems suitably central.

  1. Thanks for this story Megan- interested to see how this all plays out. Both of those sites work well for me, but I expect the Madison site is more accessible by public transit.

  2. Storefronts on Madison side of Safeway building:
    Going West to east:
    Subway, 2211 E. Madison
    Smiles on Madison Dentists: 2209 E. Madison
    MC Nails 2211 E. Madison
    Vet. Hospital 2215 E. Madison

    The empty storefront is being remodeled (slowly) but its intended use in unclear.
    It would be on the 48 and 11 lines and would have access ( I presume) to the Safeway parking and maybe the few spaces next to the vet hospital AND the on-street parking on Madison. We (in 98112) have been served by the Union Street Post Office for decades.

    Seems a good central location.

  3. I will vote for the E Spring St location, but 3308 has just been rented to a new hair salon. So I don’t see how this address is a possibility. That said, there is usually plenty of daytime parking around the park to the south and up and down 33rd and 34th Sts. There are also at least two bus stops within 1 block–one is the #2, but I’m not sure of the other lines that might stop.

  4. I hope all comments are being sent to USPS. To bad they did provide an email. First I want to comment that even after I had been alerted me to the fact that the letter was posted at the Post Office, I had a problem spotting it. It is very small and indistinct piece of paper and the afternoon the sun turns that window into a mirror. I can more easily see the details of my reflection than those in the letter.

    I was surprised to see that a location at 23rd and S. Jackson was not being considered (98144). The 48 and the 11 would directly serve the E. Madison location and the 2 and 3 would serve the 33rd and E. Spring location. I think that the fact that E. Madison and 23rd are main arterials in the area, while neither E. Spring nor 33rd Avenue are, is in favor of the E. Madison location. The area around E. Madison is already impacted and designed for traffic. 33rd and E. Spring is more off the path of a majority of those who have been served by the Post Office on 23rd. I think that should be the overriding factor, along with parking. Not all need it, but it is important access issue for some who really need it and for those who for whatever reason drive to the post office. I think that when mailing packages even many who don’t normally drive do.

    I am sad too that is will not be in the 98122 area and that there seem to be more of the Postal services in 98112 than would be expected with the retail one on Republican being 98112. The one on Broadway is 98102.

  5. oops “To bad they did provide an email,” should read “too bad they did not provide and email.”