More gunfire as witnesses report cars in 21st/Union gunfight

Police fanned out in the area of 21st and Union Saturday night after a gunman was reported firing on another vehicle from the car he was riding in near the intersection.

There are no reports of any victims in the area following the incident that was reported just before 8 PM. Both cars were last seen speeding away from the scene.

The car carrying the reported shooter was described as a black, 4-door sedan similar to a Crown Victoria with tinted windows. The car being fired on was described only as a white sedan.

Police units are also active in the Judkins Park area tonight following Friday night’s shooting death of a 19-year-old in the 2500 block of South Norman.

28 thoughts on “More gunfire as witnesses report cars in 21st/Union gunfight

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  2. just drove right through the middle of that on our way home to MLK/Cherry.
    so. tired. of. gun. violence.

  3. the cops really need to come down hard on the loser gang members. jeoperdizing people lives over complete nonsense.

    • Cops can’t do anything so long as we take them to court and have them investigated every time they punch a thug in the face.

      • Arrest is often quite a stressfull confrontation and punching should not be unexpected in cases with known beligerent suspects. It is silly to beleive the police are out beating up people. They are engaging violent suspects. Perhaps there are one or two instances of mistaken identity, but, generally the fights police get into are brought on by violent criminals.

  4. So “fred” the troll is back. So when are you moving north of the ship canal fred? And when you do take your criminal friends with you. Here is too a gentrified CD!

  5. This is my corner. My family had just walked to have dinner out and thus we missed it all except the screaming sirens and multiple cop cars as they sped to the scene. Earlier that day my nieces had been playing outside with my son. As we left the house a family was eating at the taco truck, little kids too. All it takes is one stray bullet to shatter countless lives, and since these guys can’t seem to aim, that seems more likely than them hitting their target. I’m disappointed and disgusted and wondering why these people feel they can shoot of guns in broad daylight and get away with it? Why can’t we get a better description of the vehicle?

      • No Grumbo it is because we are a containment zone for criminals and social service agencies that no one eles in the city wants.

      • Really all the same thing. We are pitty averse and believe we can solve all ills for everyone. Therefor we have social service agencies deticated to perpetual poorness and foot worship as prescribed by Hesuse.

        All this foot washing and hand ringing is best kept contained. We pay the government to do it for us because, while we are the best most Godley people of all time, we cannot personally do the foot worship. That’s what the Pope is for. We should have him come here. Our churches seem pretty un engaged.

    • Generally there is no impact on the community at large except in rare bullet in a haystack accident. So, not much concern for the average person to put an inordinate amount of time in on futile efforts to change other peoples behavior.

    • Waste our time going to meetings to vent for decades and keep $$$ coming in as grants to pay big admin. salaries to staff to keep this a containment area so we can all go to more meetings……….and they can get more grants……

      A class action law suit aginst the city is the only way to get the old school containment in the CD policy to change!