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In the Gym, in the Workplace, at Home and in the Neighborhood, it’s all about Teamwork.

Cappy’s Boxing Club’s Community Health and Well-Being project sailed through the half-way mark last week as Youth Boxers gathered stories at The Madrona Alehouse and the Red Apple Market. The Project, sponsored by Swedish Hospital, seeks to increase awareness of Health and Well-Being in the Central District and neighboring communities by connecting Youth, Community Experts, and local businesses.

First up was local bartender Casey Broesamie at the Madrona Alehouse. The Youth focused their interview questions on the balance that workers must have between their job and their family life. Casey linked the effort, patience, and Teamwork it takes to create happy customers with the qualities needed to create a happy family. Evidence of the Alehouse’s success in fostering a space for neighborhood people to gather was everywhere from the local art on the walls to the menu featuring local wines and beers.
Two days later, the Youth Boxers were off to Red Apple Market, known for its friendly environment (and, the Youth learned, customers dancing in the aisles.) On their route, Youth Boxers Sam Shethar and Owen Brower practiced some Teamwork of their own as they performed an impromptu shadowbox demonstration for a neighborhood boxing enthusiast on the street. Long-time Red Apple employee Robert Amaral wrapped it all up emphasizing “you can’t do it alone” whether you are working, playing in a band, or training for boxing.

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