SPD searching for masked gunman in Judkins Park shooting


UPDATE: King 5 reports that the victim in Friday’s shooting has died, though that has not yet been officially confirmed. UPDATE: Police confirmed that the 19-year-old victim has died.

King 5 also reports that the shooting occurred in front of the former home of Deshawn Milliken, who was murdered in a December shooting inside a Bellevue bar. The connection between the shootings, if any, is not yet clear.

Original story:

Seattle Police and medics responded to the 2500 block of South Norman Friday night after a shooting in the area.

All details are preliminary at this time and have not been confirmed by police.

Police were searching for a silver Mercedes 4-door sedan that carried the masked gunman. The shooter was reportedly accompanied by at least two other people in the vehicle including a driver. The car was last seen heading south from the scene on 26th Ave.

We do not yet have details on the victim or the victim’s condition in the shooting which was reported just after 7:30 PM. UPDATE: Seattle Fire reports that the victim is a male in his 30s (UPDATE: Police now say he was 19). He was shot once in the upper body and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to SFD.

Homicide units have been called to the scene which is typical in the investigation of a serious assault with weapons incident.

According to police radio dispatches, East Precinct is increasing emphasis patrols in the area following the violence.

UPDATE: SPD has posted a preliminary report on the incident:

Officers are looking for a silver sedan involved in a shooting in the Central District that occurred this evening.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. officers responded to 911 reports of a person shot in the 2500 block of South Norman Street. Preliminary information indicates that a male victim was shot while sitting in a vehicle in front of a residence. The shooter appears to have shot the victim from another vehicle. (See update below). The shooter fled the scene eastbound with an unknown number of other suspects in a silver sedan.

The primary suspect (shooter) is described as a black male, thin build, 5’11″ with dreadlocks or braids in his hair and wearing a black ski mask.

Fire department medics responded to the scene and transported the male victim to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

This remains an active and on-going investigation.

Police at the scene said they have no information about whether the shooting is connected to earlier violence in Skyway or an afternoon fight near Garfield High School.

UPDATE: Police at the scene say the victim was standing near a vehicle with a couple associates when the masked suspect walked up to him on foot, fired several shots at the victim, then fled on foot to a waiting vehicle.

The victim was struck several times in the torso and was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police believe the suspect used a handgun. He and the others in the vehicle — a gray, silver, light blue or tan Mercedes — are still at large.

16 thoughts on “SPD searching for masked gunman in Judkins Park shooting

    • What are you getting at with such crude comments? Guns are guns. Thugs are thugs. Sissies confuse guns with criminals. Fight the criminals. Picking a fight against guns is chickening out from a real fight about people, bad people.

  1. Police really need to increase patrols in Judkins Park and around nearby Parnells ASAP…the drug dealers and crackheads above Parnells like to gather in the park at night, by the bathrooms and in the streetcorners, especially off Norman and Charles right at the park.. there might even be a house near there too that is a source of alot of fighting and dealing that is placing the rest of us in the neighborhood in danger and making the area a magnet for an unstable element and open drug usage. It sucks, with a nice new skate park and all the kids coming down/running around.. it would be great to have a park that isnt so damn shady!

    • It has been the same house for 20 plus years. Now they’re on the 3rd generation of crack dealing from the same house. Gramps is at Shelton, Gramma at Purdy, Dad at Shelton, kiddo next for the future of crack dealing. After 20 years I sold my house – unable to stem the tide of crack babies becoming violent as hell crack dealers all from the same house. Once upon a time abatement worked. Now, all the decent neighbors just move. 26th Avenue South will forever be crack dealer haven as long as the City does nothing.

    • We live on 22nd, always a group of guys hanging either on the ramp up to the baseball field, or in the bush area where Charles comes down and veers onto 22nd. Police have ramped up patrols, but that lasts a couple weeks then tapers off. I’ve watched drug dealers duck behind bushes as cops drove by, then popped right back up when they were clear. Got so bad a neighbor took it on himself to chop all the bushes back. I’ll be helping him this summer…

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  4. the cops have to be total morons to not be able to find a guy with dreds driving a specific identified car that obviously is from the southend

  5. *King 5 also reports that the shooting occurred in front of the former home of Deshawn Milliken, who was murdered in a December shooting inside a Bellevue bar. The connection between the shootings, if any, is not yet clear.*

    Then why mention it?

  6. Why has nobody (KIRO, KOMO, KING, PI, TIMES, SEATTLE PD) identified this shooting victim yet? It’s been 5 days now.

    • Because the identity will make it quite clear that the bar shooting and this murder are very closely related.

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