Victim in Christmas Eve Bellevue shooting was CD man

The man killed in an early Christmas Eve shooting at a Bellevue bar has been identified as the CD’s DeShawn “D.Mill” Milliken.

Friends are mourning his death, and a website has been set up to help raise money to help his family. From the fundraiser page:

This fundraiser was created in hopes of helping Mr. Milliken’s family with funeral and memorial expenses.  On Christmas Eve of 2012, Deshawn Milliken was called home, as he was senselessly gunned down while celebrating the Seahawks victory inside a Bellevue establishment called the Munch Bar.  Losing Deshawn is a blow not only to friends and family but to the whole community.  Often serving as the “glue” between his family and friends, he will be missed.

Deshawn was a father, brother, son, uncle, grandson, friend, provider, protector and role model to many.  A beacon of positivity, Deshawn touched many lives.  For instance, he adopted a daughter, fed the less fortunate, and took care of numerous at-risk youths in the central district area that lacked  father figures.  He was the type of person that would you give you his car while he rode the bus.  He was extremely caring, loving, protecting, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

More importantly, he leaves behind a loving mother who has been with the public defender’s office for more than thirty years, a sister whom he helped raise, a young daughter, and an infant nephew whom he cared after like his own.

The loss of Deshawn Miliken has stunned our entire community.  Please join me in donating towards his funeral expenses.  If anyone deserves to be sent off the right way, it is our brother Deshawn Milliken.

The suspect in the shooting, 19-year-old Ja’mari Alexander-Alan Jones, is still on the loose. Anyone with information should call the Bellevue Police tipline at 425-452-2564 or email  [email protected].

From the Seattle Times:

The shooting occurred in the Mirror Lounge at Munchbar, a restaurant/bar at Bellevue Square, around 1:10 a.m., according to Bellevue police spokeswoman Carla Iafrate. About 600 people were inside the bar when about five gunshots were fired. A 30-year-old Seattle man was killed and another man injured.

Police said Ja’mari Alexander-Alan Jones is the suspected shooter, and obtained a warrant for his arrest Monday. His car is described as a white Nissan Maxima with Washington state license number AHZ1672. Police consider him armed and dangerous.

While it appears there was only one shooter, police haven’t ruled anything out, Iafrate said earlier Monday. Witnesses gave conflicting descriptions of the gunman, she said.

Jones was one of the three teens who pleaded guilty in the 2008 slaying of “Tuba Man” Ed McMichael on First Hill. Another of the Tuba Man killers, Billy Chambers, is facing serious gun charges after a string of crimes, including a 2011 assault at 23rd and Jackson.

If you were close to Milliken and would like to add more information or photos, please leave a comment below or contact CDNews at [email protected].

15 thoughts on “Victim in Christmas Eve Bellevue shooting was CD man

  1. I cant belive this, I played youth football with deshawn for ballard and also greenwood. He was an inspiration to me, I strived to play the game as well as he did. We had a connection that second year we played together cause we both had come from ballard to play. the year after that he went to play for his high school and i played one more year with greenwood. I took over his position that he had played and wore his number 33 jersey that season as kind of a rememberance to him. to remind me to try and be the best player that i could be. just like him.We didnt see much of each other after that but i would remember that face anywhere. I heard of this shooting on christmas day thinking why today. but that it was just another shooting. I just heard his name on the radio about 15 minuets ago and found this page and saw his face. And i realize this IS NOT just another shooting. this was Deshawn Millikin, a friend, a team mate, an inpiration to others, cause i know i could’nt have been the only one. and just a good man. I cant believe this. I’ll miss you old friend and your family will be in my prayers..

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  3. This is a very sad situation, I had the privilege of going to church with deshawn and man what a really good brother. My prayer are with his family. It has been a while since I’ve seen are talk to him, but I will always remember the fun times we had with the YPD, going to Portland and different camps. Those were really great memories and I’ll cherish those times forever. You will be Missed. R.I.P Homie

    • MikeBee
      How would you like your life defined? Remember the men that brought the woman to be stoned who was caught in the very act of adultery. According to their law she should have been villified and killed in public.
      What did Christ say? He that is without sin cast the first stone. Now MikeBee will you open your entire life to the public and let us go looking for your missteps and indiscretions. If not, then you should not be trying to sully a person’s name. I may not find you on a google search, but search your own heart and then tell me how you feel.

  4. MikeBee, nobody’s an angel, including you. So what if he had a criminal past, he didn’t deserved to be murdered. His good outweighed his bad. He took care of people in this community, alot of people. By the way, he graduated from Garfield nearly with a 4.0, went to U of Oregon on athletic scholarship and president of student body.

  5. MikeBee – Who are you to judge someone based on their past. No matter what he did, there was no reason for him to be killed. My fiance was very very close to him and he was a great man. You should be ashamed of yourself for even fixing your fingers to type such a comment. RIP D.Mill, you are greatly missed.

  6. I met D-mill my first year of college, since the very first day i met him he was a great friend. I remember we had no food in my apartment, D-mill Decided since we all didnt have a lot of money we should all get together everynight and each player bring something to cook to his place, this kept a lot of us from starving while away from home… It saddens me so to hear he was murdered D-mill was a good guy i will miss him dearly…


  7. More from the Seattle Times. Sounds like they had a ‘beef’, not some random killing:

    Video from Bellevue Square shows Jones — who was convicted in 2009 in the beating death of Ed “Tuba Man” McMichael — entering Munchbar wearing a red down vest. He was accompanied by another man, Michael Cheatham. It was about 1 a.m., according to charging papers.

    Footage shows Jones, 19, and the other man talking near DeShawn Milliken, 30, of Seattle, and his younger sister, Destiny Milliken, 21, according to the court papers. DeShawn Milliken seems to recognize Jones and then tackles him as his sister appears to fight with Cheatham. About eight seconds later, DeShawn Milliken turns away from Jones, but is then tackled at the waist by Cheatham.

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