Police make multiple arrests after intoxicated wreck at MLK and Pine

The scene of a wreck at MLK and Pine shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday resulted in multiple arrests, according to police.

The car occupants may have been doing heroin before the crash, and the person who reported the vehicle stolen was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Details from SPD:

A man claimed his vehicle was stolen following a collision. Today just shortly after 2:00 p.m., officers responded to MLK and E. Pine St to numerous calls of a collision involving a vehicle vs. a street pole. Additional information was broadcast that the occupants appeared to be intoxicated and possibly attempting to flee the scene.

On officer arrived on the scene and located the unoccupied vehicle. He then contacted a subject who stated he was a passenger in the vehicle and that the driver and other passengers fled. As the officer was talking to this subject two other people approached them. They all were very intoxicated. One of the subjects pointed at the other and said he was the driver. When the officer contacted this subject he became belligerent.

While the officer was dealing with this suspect another subject arrived on scene and said that he was the owner of the vehicle and claimed that it had been stolen.

Officers attempted to control the hectic scene and to determine what had occurred. All involved parties had different variations of the incident. Eventually officers were able to talk to a witness who identified the driver of the vehicle.

One of the female occupants told officers that they were all doing Heroin right before the crash.

The 47-year old male driver was arrested. He was later booked into King County Jail for outstanding warrants, driving under the influence and possession of stolen property. He also had an armed felon caution.

S/2- Adult female/ back seat passenger was investigated and released from scene.

S/3- Adult male (reported owner of vehicle) was booked into King County Jail for for outstanding warrants. Armed felon caution.

S/4- Adult female/ front seat passenger was fingerprinted, identified and released from the Precinct.

The vehicle was impounded and there were no reported injuries.

The investigation continues.

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