A look at the most-read 2012 posts

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The most popular stories on CDNews in 2012 were mostly stories of tragedy and hopes of justice. Here’s a quick look at a few of them:

  • A Madrona father was caught in the crossfire of an afternoon shooting at MLK and Cherry. He died in his father’s arms as his children escaped to Assimba Ethiopian Cuisine for safety. A few months later, the suspect was arrested.
  • The man suspected of shooting and killing Quincy Coleman on Halloween 2008 is finally arrested. Coleman was only 15 when he was struck down near Garfield.
  • A house occupied by anarchists and Occupy Seattle members is cleared by police after a month and a half of squatting as the city and property owner tried to figure out how to respond.
  • Police raid a collective apartment near Judkins Park, scaring the pants off neighbors in the process.
  • Pot is legalized.
  • An iconic Madrona gas station is demolished.
  • Times are still tough at 23rd and Union. But folks are excited when the seemingly doomed former Philly’s Cheese Steak building is turned into Med Mix.
  • Mayor McGinn holds a town hall meeting that goes awry.
  • And, finally, a story that united the neighborhood: Brainless campaign for an unsuccessful candidate for Congress brings signs featuring Obama with a Hitler mustache to 23rd and Jackson. It was not received well.

Of course, simply counting the number of page views is not always an accurate way to determine which stories were the most important. What 2012 stories do you think were the biggest? What do you hope to see make the list in 2013?

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