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LOST BIRD: Cockatiel named “Beaker” (22nd & Yesler, Seattle)

My cockatiel got out yesterday Thursday 12/27 at 12pm.

Flew out from 22nd & Yesler, up Yesler towards 23rd, also seen looping south towards Judkins. Could be anywhere in greater Seattle area or even further as his wings are unclipped and these birds can fly miles. Probably he is nearby as his flying has been limited to short bursts inside house.

He goes by the name Beaker. A cockatiel is a small parrot similar to a parakeet. GREY body with YELLOW head and crest with round ORANGE circles on cheeks. Very friendly and sweet, probably scared and cold and hungry.

He eats cockatiel seed (don’t feed him wild bird seed which can be poisonous to parrots!), whole grain cereal, bread and lettuce. His favorite foods are spinach, cheerios and dried mexican chili peppers.

He’d respond to his name Beaker, a wolf whistle/cat call whistle, the william tell overture tune (little tune before someone would say “charge!”), “pretty bird,” “c’mere”, “whatcha doin”, “where’d ya go” (these last three in a parrot voice). He’d probably come land on someone’s finger or hand if they called to him.

Lost near 22nd Ave and Yesler.

This is Beaker. He’s very friendly and sweet. And probably scared, cold, and hungry.

Let me know asap if you see him or even if you just have any experience finding lost birds. If seen even for just a second, please call, text, or email ASAP any time of day 24/7 (two oh six) 805-9450.

Reward if found.


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