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squaters on spruce st.

Squaters have broken into a property at 1913 east Spruce St. Seattle, Wa. 98122 and entered the residence of this forclosed home. The homeless individuals currently reside at this address everyday and funtion as if they are legal tenants. Six people, plus one pet dog, have been seen entering and exiting this property since December 12th 2011, The occupants have electricity in the upper level of the house. The lights are seen brightly shining every night. The property has been foreclosed and is presently owned by the bank since the auction of the house in August of 2011. The occupants have no intention to vacate.

19 thoughts on “squaters on spruce st.

  1. How pathetic. These cowards are just determined to whiz all over the CD–won’t even try a neighborhood with maybe one or two 1%ers.

  2. What’s wrong with chickens? I love urban chickens. My kid loves chickens. Chickens are way cleaner that most of the crusty anarchists/occupiers. Don’t be a chicken nimby!

  3. BY the way. In the city of Seattle you are allowed to have up to 8 chickens on any lot.

  4. Yes you can keep chickens, ducks, geese and even pigmy goats and pigs, but you can not keep infantile, mindless children in STOLEN houses where they “SHIT” on the neighborhood, metaphorically and literally in the back yard. Could someone call their parents and ask them if they know where their children are?

  5. so if I have you right: chickens, ducks, geese and even pigmy goats and pigs = more valuable than homeless street kids

  6. Yes. Why yes I do.. You see, homeless street kids are capable of working and contributing but refuse to and take, take, take, take, take. Chickens do their jobs just fine w/out a complaint or bemoaning their lot in life. See the difference?

  7. As a neighbor I can report that so far they have been good neighbors. They stay quiet and have keep the place clean. That house has been empty and in a decrepit state for years, I would much rather have them there than it continuing as an abandoned home right on my street. At least somebody is putting it to good use, because the bank certainly hasn’t.

  8. Hi Carl, are you planning on taking a vacation anytime soon?

    My buddies and I would like to move in. Don’t worry, you can trust us to take REALLY good care of our new house.

    As you said, at least somebody would be putting your house to good use.

  9. Glad to hear that. I am all for the occupation/squatting within bank owned and abandoned properties.

    I hope that those occupying such places – for need or political reasons – actively try to be good neighbors and break down some of the harsh stereotypes/assumptions I have seen posted here in related threads.

    For what it is worth: We can all stand to be better neighbors.

  10. If the house is bank owned they are quiet and clean, not shiting in the yard or all over the neighborhood and basically being good neighbors, then more power to them.

    Better than taking over a house spray painting all over it then yelling at and attempting to belittle anyone who disagrees with your half baked political views.

    It is also better than crackheads, besides it’s cold outside.

  11. Lucas, why must you always refer to yourself and your pals as kids? You’re well in to adulthood by about a decade.

  12. please check facts before posting comments. 2 were arrested for simply being in the house at the time of the raid. One, who was not living there but came to support and simply stepped onto the lawn and then was grabbed and detained, was arrested for having a pocket knife that was a half inch too long. Good neighbors? yes, I’d say painting positive, inspiring murals on 14th and fir and preparing and serving food to the houseless is not only being a good neighbor, but a beautiful contributor to the whole community.

  13. 120-20th ave has a new opening for the squatters. It’s a lovely place for the Occupiers to live. It’s vacant and ready. So if the Squatting epidemic is here to stay…then i suppose the CD residents should spread the New Word. Go occupy!!! Start today! Tune in tomorrow for another vacant dwelling listing to Occupy. Todays’ vacancy is in a comfortable location just 1/2 block away from the BROADCAST COFFEE SHOP. Head North and cross the street about 200feet from the corner of Yestler&20th. Enjoy your stay!

  14. i understand your not wanting to meet…. first if the persons charged were wrongfully arrested.. there,s another ball game going on then it becomes a civil matter…. And rememeber that writing “terroring the nieghborhood intead of writing a nuicance to the nieghborhood… terror is definded as captial crime..and falsely saying that kind of wording is against the federal law.. that why sometimes it best to think about how it is worded.. from my friend who works for the NSA homeland sercuity.. and the ducumentto find out…so after the court case i would be delighted.. to have coffee with You.. also i found out about the moving truck.. and invegating who if the owner did not authorized it…i understand that.. also the NSA has unlimited funds for terrorism.. also fasle wording it they have unlimited access for that to…. So to understand sometimes people that you know might know people that work for the federal goverment… i will tell you when i have time off thank you even though you mean well..and to explain what to you understand your point of veiw..for they have the right to and you have concerns about yours to.. uncle at the waterhouse..