Eviction ~ E’smicktion

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The observations and reports from our Central District Neighbors seem to be a better tool of eviction than filing court papers on JOHN DOE. We, as paying residents, should keep a close watch out for these break-ins and for vacant home intrudors. Lets continue collecting information on our neighborhoods “un-occupied” realestate properties because it could be the next target.

1909 E. Spruce

The Spruce Street Squatters are back. This home on 19th and Spruce can not catch a break. The boards have been removed from the doors and the iron front door is once again open to allow these outlaws access to occupy. The intrudors have got to get the message that they are creating terror within this area. Something somehow should keep the regular paying residents in harmony on their street-without the caos of those “squatting intrudors”. Signed: Here we go again*

squaters on spruce st.

Squaters have broken into a property at 1913 east Spruce St. Seattle, Wa. 98122 and entered the residence of this forclosed home. The homeless individuals currently reside at this address everyday and funtion as if they are legal tenants. Six people, plus one pet dog, have been seen entering and exiting this property since December 12th 2011, The occupants have electricity in the upper level of the house. The lights are seen brightly shining every night. The property has been foreclosed and is presently owned by the bank since the auction of the house in August of 2011. The occupants have no intention to vacate.