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1909 E. Spruce

The Spruce Street Squatters are back. This home on 19th and Spruce can not catch a break. The boards have been removed from the doors and the iron front door is once again open to allow these outlaws access to occupy. The intrudors have got to get the message that they are creating terror within this area. Something somehow should keep the regular paying residents in harmony on their street-without the caos of those “squatting intrudors”. Signed: Here we go again*

15 thoughts on “1909 E. Spruce

  1. —–I know many of us are use to the news media telling us what to think, and biasing their reporting with their own views, but come on,….please at least recognize that we CD readers have a brain and intelligence enough to make our own decisions. If you want to highlite activity for local assessment, then report, and let us locals determine the impact to us.

    —–Your report all but calls these people terrorists (another over used media term)! True these folks may not be popular with the bankers, but I have not seen where these folks have harmed my neighborhood, my neighbors, nor me. My preference remains for your reporting to volunteer just your observations, and let the rest of us determine what if any impact these folks may or may not have caused to us.

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    Therefore, not everyone who posts is a trained journalist, but that’s part of what makes the site so vibrant and unique (though I may be biased in saying so).

  3. Tom,

    —- Feel insecure or guilty if you need it, but my comments were VERY obviously pointed to the person that wrote and posted the article.

    —– If you feel my reply to this article is inappropriate, do something meaninful about it, write something worth posting! Some of us wonder why we get more CD news from reading the Capital Hill neighborhood blog. Oh, maybe you do need to feel insecure.

  4. Hey Linda, you don’t have to read you know…move along instead of the anger. Find freedom.

  5. Linda – Not terrorists? Clearly you don’t live on either of the two blocks where they responded to noise complaints with shovels, or where they singled out a female neighbor for paint bombing, graffitti, property damage and lengthy harassment. Lucky you!

  6. Linda, no damage??!!?? The benchs in Judkins Park are sprayed with moronic slogans, the I-90 tunnel was as well along with other vandelized spray painted areas like Promanade 23. I have seen Banksy’s work in person, they are not Banksy. They are spoiled children whose parents should come and get them before they end up in a cell. Perhaps the cell would be a eye opening experience for them.

  7. Nip it in the bud. Call the cops sooner rather than later. We’ve got better things to do than clean up after these attention hogs. Have they been removed from the 23rd ave eyesore yet?

  8. black culture.. many people dont have the means or credit to live in houses like yourself, even though working 40 to 50 hours a week.. volunteering their lifes work to create a better world , nation, state, and community.. not destroying or terrorizing the neighborhood, but cleaning it up i.e. 19th and jefferson “gentrification kills” tag. i understand your thoughts and concerns however, it would be nice to talk face to face about your concerns. its the only cordial thing to do. the coffees on me.

  9. No thank you Uncle Waterhouse, i appreciate the Coffee Meeting Offer but, i enjoy my coffee at the office. Stay tuned though because The Spruce street Squatters will be featured soon on Your local News Station. I, on the other hand, will be right here on the Central District News Station. Enjoy your coffee without Me while you read the CDN. Sincerely Yours, BLACK CULTURE*

  10. Well thank you for at least cleaning up the mess.:-) really I work a job.. forty to 50 hours a week.. so i also work alot corporate job too.but If “You” breaking into a box and taking all the stuff.. it’s kinda sad that you blame us as squatter , enjoy the tools that you took “I” forgive you.. nothing “New” trying to at least cleaning up the mess that the SPD left the place.but you won’t understand that either. Your office is right by thanks for that info.. i understand that your life has been in distress.. and being as scared not to join for coffee.. but write negative comments about who “We” are..Great i really would have like to talk to you but “God” willing you have only made yourself. appear that your only set on not knowing..who we are…I forgive you for that too. But “Rememeber” that only you shall be judge by a higher than us …. “God speed” might “God bless your (reasoning) on “Your” reaction..i would always know you done this with a good heart..”Thank you”…Uncle Waterhouse…Your action as the “Black Culture”…If you breaking into the box understandable ” But as us we never broke into the place.. We had keys given to us” “Not You”.. Different.. Stealing the tools From the box.. and leaving it open…Your physical need of stealing was partly your call…if only I could have understand it… would have understood..but only As Black Culture who said “We were is terrorizing” “But” taking tools and giving negative comments about us is really SAD….but on the Brightside it sunny a little cold today.. We all know that you just wanted “Not” to understand who we were.. i offer to meet and buy coffee..You did not want to do that… But that OK..:-.. WERE Artist!!! “Not terrorist” So have A Nice DAy

    What are you Gurgle’n about? Your comment does not apply to Me or to what i represent. Its awful to know that someone’s personal belongings were tampered with, but you might want to research your facts a little deeper. Making accusations towards Black Culture is “off base In this case”. I appreciate the energy you put forth in Your comment. I sort of got lost with the scramble of details described in it tho’.
    P.S. i may not be a “Squatter Advocate” -and You&i may not agree on Much-but I am solid about Giving My Heavenly Father GOD all the Glory&Praise for being the Leader in my life.

  12. Well the understanding that looking in the deeper meaning of what was going on the house.. i understand that…. Really looking at your first Report to now your have change being a leader as only some people do why not “Meet face to Face about the article you wrote in the first Place..Leaders dont hide and not know the other.. So it is really fun to understand how “YOu” can rant but being a leader.. or one of the other kind.. anger at everyone and everything.. I really your name is a disgrace to all black culture is…but Anyway you take care….

  13. hey Unc,
    Once again… i appreciate the energy you display in your comments, but i have no desire, nor interest in seeing the face behind your name. please cool your jets-and go have a complementary cup of coffee at the BROADCAST Cafe. BlackCultere has a Tab account @ BROADCAST Cafe’ waiting for ya. You may see me using my laptop there. Im the Black One with Culture. You are free to express your Soggy talk openly there. Bye bye for now UNC.