Week of events will promote peace among youth in the spirit of MLK

UmojaFest PEACE Center and the United for Youth Coalition are hosting a week of events January 15-22 to promote peace among youth in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Peace Week events will expand on the annual MLK Day rally and march from Garfield High School (January 16 this year) to promote the themes “Peace is a lifestyle” and “I love my life.”

Events in the works include an all-city talent show (Jan 21 at the Vera Project) and a peace forum.

Seattle’s first Peace Week is part of a national movement started in New York. Follow @PeaceWeekSea on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated on the week of events. You can also get involved by hosting your own Peace Week event.

More information, from Wyking Garrett, one of the event organizers:

Organized locally by the UmojaFest PEACE Center and the United For Youth Coalition, PEACE Week is an annual week of high profile events and activities happening across the nation to promote peace among youth in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King. The 2012 Peace Week  theme and messaging is: #PeaceIsALIFEStyle and #ILoveMyLife promoting taking personal responsibility for the lives we create for ourselves, and by extension, how we impact others.

7 days.

The collective goal is to create a culture of peace in the community by hosting events, performing an activity or simply taking one personal action toward creating inner peace and setting a positive example for youth.  Youth and celebrity ambassadors will blog, tweet and post user generated content for 7 days, sharing experiences that reinforce this year’s theme and messaging.

1 Voice.

Peace Week galvanizes the efforts of entertainers, cultural icons, government leaders, educators, athletes and community based organizations to host an event or lend their voice to the message of peace. Confirmed Peace Week celebrity ambassadors include: Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra, Michael Strahan, Cheryl “Salt” Wray and more!

1.5 Million+ Teens & Young Adults

Peace Week targets 18 -25 year old tech-savvy, socially active teens, college students and young adults throughout the SEA MLK County who are influenced by pop culture and multi-media.  Via events and digital platforms, Peace Week will also encourage peer leadership and role modeling among this demo, for youth under age 18 who are looking to them for examples.

Why Peace Week?

Homicide is a leading cause of death among youth. Proceeds from funds raised during Peace week will go toward summer programs and activities for youth,  to provide positive alternatives to youth violence and other forms of negative behavior.

You can support Peace Week 2012 & “Peace is A LIFE Style” theme by:

1.Hosting your own Peace Week Event

2.Agreeing to attend at least one event during Peace Week,

3.Recording a PSA for Peace Week

4.Take Picture in Peace Week official shirt

5.Take a Picture with Peace Week Bracelet

6.Donate your Twitter Page either the entire time from kick off day November 29th til January 22nd last day of Peace Week or just during Peace Week January 15th -22nd

7.Encourage your friends & family to support and participate in Peace Week

8.Have your name and likeness used to promote “Peace Week  an theme “Peace Is A LIFE Style”.


“No One Has All The Answers But Together We Can Solve The Problem” Erica Ford


About Peace Week

Founded in 2010 by LIFE Camp, Inc based in New York City, PEACE Week galvanizes the efforts of individuals of all ages as well as organizations within the public and private sector to join in partnership for one week; the collective goal is to create a culture of peace by hosting an event, performing an activity, initiative, or simply taking personal responsibility for maintaining inner peace at all costs, to serve as a positive example for others.



Promote the value of LIFE

Develop teens and adults into peer leaders, to avoid becoming perpetrators or victims of violence

Provide young people with the tools and resources that promote critical thinking, self-empowerment and personal accountability

Build partnerships between public and private sectors to respond collectively, collaboratively and holistically to the issue of youth violence

Create a model for reducing violence that will provide stakeholders with the necessary skills and resources to effectively implement positive change within their own communities

The annual MLK Day rally and march will be January 16. It starts at Garfield High School (see our coverage and video from last year’s march). More information from the MLK Seattle Celebration Committee:

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee announces the 30th annual region-wide Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration on Monday, January 16, 2012, beginning with Workshops (9:30am-11am), Rally (11am-12:30pm) and the March beginning at a new time of 12:30pm. This year’s theme is “30th Anniversary Celebration: Recapturing MLK Jr.’s Revolutionary Spirit!”

This year we will march from Garfield High School to the Federal Building via Union St. & Madison St. Please see the march route page for complete details. Lunch will be provided FREE following the march in Garfield’s Commons area. We look foward to seeing you for a wonderful meal.

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