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23rd & Union gas prices, 4/29/11

When the minimart at 23rd & Union reopened last month, its gas prices matched those at the AM/PM’s on 23rd and on 12th (and they have no 45c. charge for debit card use). However, when I stopped there yesterday I found that they honeymoon is over: you now pay 6c a gallon extra at the new store.





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  1. I thought I read that they were going to provide biofuel at the station. Does anyone know if this is still in the works?

  2. I’ll gladly pay the extra 6 cents a gallon to avoid the AM/PM at 23rd & Cherry! I’ve never had good luck with AM/PM gas and that store/corner is too sketchy for my comfort. Glad this place is open and looking well kept!

    Sarah, I thought I read that people were requesting biofuel; don’t remember reading it was a sure thing.

  3. It’s much much tamer than it was 10, 15 years ago.

    Ask me sometime about the “Sex for disposable diapers” offer I received there once: seemed a poorly thought out business plan, unless she could somehow tell that I’d had a vasectomy.