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Judkins Street Cafe will scoop up ice cream at May 1 grand opening

As we reported in February Charlie’s Flame Broiled Burgers burned out and Judkins Street Cafe took its place in the little store front at 2608 S Judkins. Since then the cafe has been experimenting with menu items and hours with a soft opening, while getting acquainted with the neighborhood and its new patrons.

The Judkins Street Cafe Grand Opening is finally here. Owner Michael McGloin released the details in an email to the existing customer list for the restaurant: 

We are having our Grand Opening Celebration on Sunday, May 1 from 4pm to 8pm. There will be lots of food to share as well as beer and wine and Judkins Sunday Sundaes with home-made fudge or caramel sauce and Snoqualmie Ice Cream.

Our first weeks at Judkins Street have been a wonderful, wild adventure. Now it is time to celebrate!

Judkins Street Cafe’s new menu is up on its updated website, as well as enticing photographs of the comfort food it serves and links to the cafe’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.  You can also sign up for their email list, read more about the Judkins Street Cafe’s mission to become part of the surrounding community and learn about special events.  (HINT: There are even printable coupons on the website, good for the Grand Opening Day Only!) 

So stop by for the official Grand Opening of the Judkins Street Cafe on Sunday from 4-8 pm and join in the celebration! 


0 thoughts on “Judkins Street Cafe will scoop up ice cream at May 1 grand opening

  1. And they’re sponsors for the June 4th CD Garden Tour! Thanks, Michael, we really appreciate it.

  2. Most free samples were gone by 6:30 and ice-cream was over priced at 250 for 1 lousy half scoop and 1 big scoop of lukewarm fudge. Didn’t try the food as most was gone and crossed out listed as sold out by 630. Might try again but it was a bad first impression.

  3. I so wish I liked this place better. It’s one of two places within walking distance and I’m willing to give them a second chance but I did not get a good first impression either. I’ve eaten here once and while the atmosphere was great and the people friendly, the food was really horribly sub par. I got a veggie burger and it was dry and overcooked, salad was worthy of Denny’s and my first cup of coffee tasted like it had been brewed hours before. The fries were good though. If they don’t step it up on the quality of the food, this place won’t last.

  4. I’ve eaten at this cafe twice and was happy with both meals. I’m sorry to have missed their opening party. It sounds like it was well attented since they were out of so much my 6:30.
    I really hope they can make a go of it. It’s all too easy for us to pick at what could be done better when, really, we should consider ourselves lucky that people are willing to try starting a new business in this economy.

  5. Well, too bad about the ice cream – hopefully they just ran out faster than they thought they would because so many CD neighbors came by to check them out!

  6. If they were running out and making smaller portions they should have lowered the price. No excuse and still a bad experience.

  7. I agree with your sentiment, but if I don’t like the food, why would I go back? Like I said, I would be willing to give them a second chance, and I will be a loyal customer if I like the food (as I am in many local establishments), but if they continue to not even prepare a frozen veggie burger well, or a keep their coffee fresh, then they’re going to struggle to stay in business. I do wish them well and hope this is just due to new business bumps.