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Promenade 23 Shopping Center to Have New Owner

The Promenade 23 Shopping Center is scheduled to have a new owner by the end of March 2011.  The current longtime and local owner, Promenade 23 Associates, will sell the center to a large Texas based real estate investment group.  The Promenade 23 has the Central Area’s largest concentration of neighborhood retail/commercial space. So this change in property ownership will play a significant role in the future development of the 23rd & Jackson business node.  

Promenade 23 will be the company’s first owned property in the Central Area neighborhood.  The acquisition will also make the new owner the largest property holder on South Jackson Street.  As CADA has long worked to revitalize the 23rd & Jackson business node, it hopes to build a working partnership with the new owner.  Hopefully it will be receptive to CADA’s outreach and CADA’s presentation of the community’s needs. 

With that said, what would you like to say to the new owners of Promenade 23?


CADA, a non profit CDC, works to revitalize the Central Area neighborhood. For more on CADA,  And CADA is now on facebook!  Check us out!

0 thoughts on “Promenade 23 Shopping Center to Have New Owner

  1. Please use this blog to express your ideas, concerns and questions. CADA will utilize them in its outreach to the new owners. Thanks!

  2. Recently it seemed like expressing something you might like to see at Promenade might lead to being called one name or another or to being accused of not caring about something other. In person these types of exchanges can sometimes turn friendly and lead to mutual understandings and a vision where one idea does not cancel the importance of another. However, when citizens on a blog post disgust with each other, it is much more difficult to work together toward a mutual benefit. An alternative means of contact might help. The list then could be published for comment without a name attached to the idea. I would love to see all the ideas. However, I have no desire to observe stakeholders attacking each other.

  3. I would like CADA to go away. Dun nothin’ and going nowhere. Create “programs” so the funding just keeps on coming. We need real leadership who aspires to inspire. So, we can fish for ourselves and not just going for job security (nice gig George). Nice honest people at the forefront. Wish I could say the same for those who sit in the “Ebony tower”. BTW… I am NOT white (since you know this topic will “go there”).

  4. Personally, I’m disappointed that this large shopping center is going to be owned by a company not from the area. I think what our neighborhood needs is more invested ownership, community members, or at least Seattle-lites, working toward a improving the safety and financial vitality of our neighborhood. Maybe that’s too idealistic.

    That said, maybe the current owners (and I’m just assuming they were local, I have no idea, just speculating) got tired of some of the issues they were having to face as property owners in the area and were ready to let it go. Or maybe they were just wanting to make some money and this firm wants to get in on the transitional neighborhood. I hope the new owners are willing to invest in bettering the community and not just turning a profit.

    Also, I agree with Joanna that many times discussing this area in this online forum turns into verbal attacks, which makes one nervous to post anything honest about issues like this. I guess I’ll wait and see how the conversation goes.

  5. Thanks for your comment. Anyone that doesn’t want to post to the blog, can always contact CADA and express your comments via email or phone. Our contact info can be found on our website listed in the original post.

  6. Thank you for saying that. I always suspected something wasn’t right with that organization.

  7. I would challenge anyone come and get involved with the community groups either Union or the Jackson business groups we need as many volunteers to be involved in building community and jobs – there are many businesses that are no longer occupied with tenants – lets figure out how to use these spaces, negotiate leases once you have an established customer base – folks are buying things in other communities why not shop in your own neighborhoods.

  8. Carrie, I’ve read this four or five times, including a couple out loud, and I still don’t understand anything more than “we’re working together.” Is that what you’re trying to say?

  9. since i am a minority, is it okay that i state i would like to see a whole foods developed there (without being called a gentrifier).

  10. I am embarassed to admit that I have no idea what a “sustainable neighborhood” means. I googled it and it seems to mean something different to everyone.

    BTW I think CADA is doing good work. Thumbs up to CADA & George.

  11. Many years ago I contacted CADA to inquire about leasing commercial space in the 23rd and Jackson project they helped bring to the neighborhood. Specifically, I was hoping to open a “hip” latin restaurant. I was told the space was not a good fit as most people would not want food prepared under residential units due to smell, noise in the neighborhood and due to customers coming and going during evening hours, etc… (eventually a jewerly store went in on one side and CityYear in the other). Throughout the years, I have tried to get more information on what the organization does and and is dong or to direct me to organizations who promote minority owned businesses, provide business loans, etc. I never received a call back and never got to speak with anyone who could give me specifics. The only response I received was after I contacted Ted Divina at who apparently oversees CADA. Only then did I receive a response which directly me to their webpage or to call or email with questions which then went unanswered. Not impressed. I think our tax dollars deserve better use.

  12. It seems, as a neighborhood so close to the downtown core, that a strip mall is a lot of wasted space. I would love to see the whole corner redeveloped with mixed use.

  13. Lets not allow this project to get hijacted and potential development ruined like the goodwill site. We need a good food store, and other retail amenities. I go with Wholefoods, or a Fred Meyer like the one in Ballard.
    Can’t wait to hear the results of this post.

  14. YES to Fred Meyer! Yes to one like the Ballard one, though I still miss even the little one we used to have on Broadway.

  15. My very imperfect understanding of “sustainable neighborhood” is that it provides ongoing commercial and cultural resources that its residents actually use and that it maintains economic viability that is available to upcoming generations, rather than draining the neighborhood of assets so that the younger people have to move elsewhere to have a decent life.

  16. Yes to a Whole Foods or a good Fred Meyer. At the very least fix the area that has the small shops it isn’t an inviting place to shop at all. The whole design of the current complex is awful.

  17. Yes to Fred Meyer! I drive to Ballard (7 miles!) once a week to do my shopping there. It’s a shame I can’t get what my family needs here in my own neighborhood, but Red Apple and Walgreens don’t cut it. I’d be OK with Whole Foods, but can’t afford it for my main shopping. Fred Meyer should really be anchoring the Goodwill site, but no detectable movement there…
    Also a big Yes to redeveloping it upward. Density is the CD’s friend. We’re in the middle of the city, what are we doing with a mangy strip mall? And please consider what you can do to make that corner more inviting and walkable.
    I don’t know what to think of CADA’s comments, but don’t understand why we’re being encouraged to express our opinions to them and not directly to the new owners. Is CADA managing the project? If not, I don’t get it.

  18. I agree that the grocery store situation is disappointing. I was so excited to live close to the Red Apple, but it just doesn’t have anything I need there. Instead I have to drive all the way to the trader joe’s/Madison Market.
    It’d be nice to get a few more restaurants there, too, rather than just the takeaway and fast food.
    And someday I’d like to see more shopping options – a craft store, shoe store, gift type store, etc.

  19. Fred Meyer would be offer some interest for many items but not in the grocery department. Something like Madison Market or PSC or even Whole Foods would give the need diversity of offerings. A pretty substantial survey would help to determine the other stores. I also notice that a number of places ask for a zip code when you shop there. I am wondering if that helps the business determine locations that might be of interest. The store that offers specific products primarily serving the African American community definitely has a substantial clientele.

  20. Agreed! I would love to see a Whole Foods or PCC or something better than the current offering. If they can get some good, stable, quality businesses in there I know the community would support them! Target would be nice, too.

  21. they say they are helping the black commuity with low income houseing what about their performance they have 3 apartment buildings in the central district collecting big money from hud but doing nothing about the gang members running in and out of the buildings and the bad manager who dosent care about anything running around saying shes a christain just to keep her job someone needs to look into cada and their apt manager drugs are runing all through them buildings

  22. The red apple that is currently running is a great place to shop.
    They do more for the community than a big company like freddies/ KROGER. will do.
    I have witnessed annual backpack giveaway events for the students that live in the CD.
    Generous food donations to northwest harvest. as Well as to community organizations in the area I.E youth groups and schools. I know that for a fact, If there is a product that is not there that you would like, Ask and they will try there hardest to get it in.

  23. The news so far is not a freddies, or wholefoods,

    A company that underpays there employees, helps them get onto the washington state low income system. That causes tax payers more money. Low respect for employees = bad customer service. Taking jobs away from the community. Closing down, red apple, subway, african shoppe, taco del mar, and a whole lot of other businesses around that area. All the shops there are independently owned franchises. I can give a rats ass about bank of america, I stick with BECU. STOP supporting companies and organizations that will do more harm than good in the community. I view them the same as I view the government. Greedy!!!,
    A government that is big enough to give you everything is big enough to take away everything- T.J.


    I would like to see some sit in restaurants open up.
    A nice mix of asian, hispanic, and southern cuisines. not just taco del mar, and subway.