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More big booms!

What was that? About 5 min ago something made quite a noise and an even bigger shockwave – shook my house and made my front door slam back and forth. It happened twice – the first time it sounded like something was dropped on my roof.  Was it the substation? I’m right down the street from it and they are working there…. (power is still on though)

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  1. I just heard it was fighter jets (related to Obama’s visit) which broke the sound barrier. I thought something hit the side of my house. Everything thumped and shook!

  2. That’s pretty crazy. I didn’t hear the ones from the Blue Angels and I didn’t see any aircraft up around here when it happened, so sonic booms didn’t cross my mind (and I didn’t know the prez was going to be here either).

  3. Secret Service here confirms to us that it was sonic booms from military aircraft moving to intercept a wayward plane

  4. Capitol Hill, CD, Downtown, Auburn, Federal Way….. are the booms that loud and strong that the area that they are heard and felt is that wide, or were there multiple booms at different times?