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Planting on Union this Sunday

For all of you who helped with the last go-round of planting in the strips along Union, it’s time for round 2, aka “get those plants out of Jean’s back yard before they perish!”

We’ll meet at the Shell/Easy Auto Repair lot at 21st & Union at 11 this Sunday, the 20th. Gloves and hand tools are nice to have. Look forward to seeing you there!

0 thoughts on “Planting on Union this Sunday

  1. I’ll be there w/ said plants. They’re hanging in there but do need to be planted, like, yesterday! Thanks, John, for getting the ball rolling again. Let’s do a planting blitz and get these babies in the ground. Zoom, zoom.

    (It’s also a sure way to get the sun out and the rain stopped, as then we’ll need to water them. It’s a Law of Nature: if we need it to rain, it won’t.) ;-)