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CDNews Police Scanner – 6/14

A quiet Monday so far… too quiet?

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  1. Hey – on Rainier Ave. S (just past Dearborn) – at around 3:15, 3:20 – six patrol cars went careening past after a grey sedan (?) – high speed chase? What’s that about??

  2. There was a “help the officer” call at Rainier & MLK, but it was never announced what it was about

  3. See today’s P-I and Times stories – ugh! (Sorry, my computer is ailing badly, and I can’t post the links)

  4. Leaving aside for a moment the bad behavior of those in the video, what is it with jaywalking in Seattle? Everywhere else I’ve lived, it’s just a minor infraction, not cause to arrest or even detain people. Aren’t there enough real crimes to deal with? Or am I missing something about jaywalking being some gateway crime that leads to more dangerous activities?