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New business in!3{2}Union St. work-residence building?

Looks like there is a hairdresser in the center unit in this building facing Union St–due West of the window of the Cortona.  Any news?

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  1. The web site indicates an address on Olive Way. Is he maintaining two locations?

  2. I believe that was his previous location, and the website hasn’t been updated yet

  3. Hey Folks,

    Just found out y’all were talking behind my back… So I suppose it’s about time I introduced myself!

    Yes, the website is indeed long outdated, as I lost the info needed to update it, so the only thing that’s current on it is my phone number and email address. Most of the prices for services have increased by $5.

    The space at 2423 E Union availed itself to me rather suddenly, which is why I’m scrambling to get things set up as quickly as I have the time and funds. I’m fully functional at the moment (in a no-frills way), but am usually booked at least a few days in advance, so it’s best to call or email if you’re interested in an appointment. Not sure how much more info I can give on this blog before being considered and advertisement… :)

    I’ve decided to call the space “Swing,” and plan to install a big swing on the ceiling some time soon. When I get proper lighting installed, I’ll start having art exhibits on a regular basis and participate in the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

    Thanks for the interest, and you’re all welcome to, um, swing by any time to chat.