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Thompson’s Point of View remodeling, will reopen Friday

We got a note from reader AN who asked about Thompson’s Point of View:

any word on that place?  the windows have been taped over with plastic and no one is hanging out front these days….. 

We spoke with staff there who said that they’re doing an interior remodeling, including a new coat of paint. They’re planning to reopen in time for lunch tomorrow (Friday).

As we reported last month, Thompson’s had a change of ownership after an untimely death in the family, and Gail Thompson told us then to look forward to some interior improvements soon. 

0 thoughts on “Thompson’s Point of View remodeling, will reopen Friday

  1. I wonder where the drug dealers and ho’s that usually hang outside TPOV are spending their time during the remodel?

    They must be back over by the post office, I guess.