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Lost Dog Sofie – Is Back

Sofie was not at her usual spot on the porch this morning and has also missed breakfast. She would be somewhere in the vicinity of 21st Ave between Union and Marion. She is a 13 year old bulldog, white with brown spots and a large skin tag on her left hind leg. She is very friendly and loves to be scratched on her backside as well as any friendly attention. Please let us know if you see her at 328-3230 or [email protected].

Thanks, Kevin, Kate & Aubin

UPDATE – Kate found her on the porch this morning about 5am. She was not here at 2:30am when I was coming home from the theater. She was clean, fed and rested with no sign of trauma or rugged survival. We still can’t figure out where she went but she was obviously taken care of. Maybe it was time travel and she just skipped ahead three days in the space-time continuum? Three days on a flying saucer? A little break from a dog’s life to go to the spa? We have no idea but we are so happy and relieved that she is OK and didn’t have to live through three days of trauma and stress. Thank you all for looking for her. She is back in her spot as queen of the 21st ave sidewalk.

0 thoughts on “Lost Dog Sofie – Is Back

  1. help!
    all extra eyes and ears on the street…
    if you are near and you see soph…please call!

  2. So sorry to hear she’s missing – I’ll definitely keep my eyes out. She’s a sweetheart!

  3. We are relieved and happy she’s back, too. So she isn’t saying where she went, eh? Cagey, that dog.