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Donations needed for fire victim’s family

One of the girls that died in last weekend’s tragic fire was Nyella Smith, a 7 year old that attended Leschi Elementary.  Her sister Samarah, rescued by her aunt, also attends Leschi.  The school has put out a request for donations for the family, who lost everything in the fire.  Below are specific needs, and they can be delivered to the Leschi school office during school hours until June 30.  Please consider making one of the following donations to this grieving family:

Girl’s size 6 clothing for Samarah Smith, Nyella’s 5 year old sister

Gift Cards for Nyella’s Mother, Yordonas Gebregiorgis for clothing and toys (for Target, Gap, Old Navy, etc.) 

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Heads up:

    There has been a woman walking around the Grocery Outlet parking area for the past week and a half that is “representing the church the family attended” asking for donations.

    The management is aware of this, but she keeps coming back. Basically, a little reminder to be cautious when donating to any charity.