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19th & Yesler Closed for now

I just looked out and they have closed 19th and Yesler. The mayor is here (I assume) to speak with the woman who lost her kids today in the Fremont fire as she is a member of the Oromo (sp?) Community Center across the street.


It has been a hard day around here for sure….My condolences go out to her and her family and her extended community. I am not sure if they plan a vigil here, but the crowds seem to be gathering in support and mourning….

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  1. It is truly wonderful to see the extent of the outreach and support expressed through so many carring groups and individuals. I note that our Mayor both showed up at the actual fire and at this community gathering to offer condolences and to show support.
    I am sure all of us has either watched the news or been made aware of this fire and awful loss, and has and will hopefully remember to keep these folks in our prayers annd thoughts.