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Central District Ethiopian community hit hard by fire deaths

An Ethiopian community center at 19th & Yesler has become a scene of a lot of grief and mourning for the family and friends of the five victims of a fatal fire in Fremont this morning.

Our news partners at The Seattle Times are reporting that the victims included a 21 year old woman and four children ranging in age from 4 to 14.

We saw unrelated bystanders brought to tears by one grieving woman’s cries about those children who are now gone.

As Kedra told us in an earlier post, police have blocked off the street and Mayor McGinn was there offering comfort to family members.

0 thoughts on “Central District Ethiopian community hit hard by fire deaths

  1. Sad, but looks like Gotti once again shows that Racism is still alive and well in the CD. SHAME!!!

    My heart goes out to this greiving Mother and to the greater community that has lost such precious lives.

  2. Perhaps if that family lived and were killed in the Central District maybe there would be more of a response here on the Central District News board, but you are attempting to compare the reactions of the community to the deaths of anonymous family to the death of a member of an organization that everyone sees and interacts with on a daily basis. It does not matter that those people making comments may not personally have known that one particular officer of the law, in their minds he still represents the organization that attempts to keep order and provide safety for the citizens living in our society.

    Do you think that those Black members of our community who made some of those 700 comments are more or less racist than the White members who did not make a condolence posts here?

    I am curious as to why the first post was not one of condolence to the family – instead it was a post upset about the lack of condolences from other members of this community. When shaming your fellow community members for being racists you should put your heart felt condolences first in the body of your post to show its greater importance and not last. This way it does not appear to just be an after thought to the family who has lost their loved ones.

  3. My husband and I sat sadly watching the childcare center across the street post pictures and flowers in memorial of one of the little girls lost in the fire. I didn’t know any of those family members, but I am feeling this tragedy hitting close by. My heart goes out to this family.

  4. My heart goes out to this family. May God be with all, whose heart is broken due to this tragedy.

  5. first – condolences to the family – what a horrendous tragedy – my thoughts are with you.

    second – shame on gotti for bringing race into a tragic situation – how incredibly pathetic

  6. My prayers go out to the loved ones whose hearts are broken by this terrible tragedy.