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Recommend someone to blow my leaves

They’re everywhere. I know they’re still falling but I probably already have a yard-waste dumpster full. Do you know someone who is reasonably priced who will come deal with this mess for me?

0 thoughts on “Recommend someone to blow my leaves

  1. Do you have a lawnmower? Are the leaves on a surface that you can mow over? It really chops ’em up and gets more into the can. I have to empty the bag often, but wth.

    OTOH, do you compost? Do your neighbors compost? I’ve been known to run my mower over the neighbors’ parking strips to get leaves for my compost bin. Look around and maybe there’s someone you could ask. Maybe you could mow ’em up together.

  2. If you post the size of of your yard (small, medium, large, gigantic) and state what you’d pay for raking, teens from Garfield may respond. My son does my neighbor’s leaves every year.